Huge jackpot was won in lottery

In February there was a Powerball lottery held, in which the winnings were totally about $564.000.000. There were three winners, among which there was a woman of 26 years old, a mother of four children. She took all her winning at one time.

criminal womalOn Thursday the police found out that she had a piece of marihuana at her home in North Carolina.

When police came to her house, they were looking for a man, Mr. McDow, as he was earlier arrested and they let him out at a requirement that he will obey the regime, they prepared for him according to the low. But he broke the law.

Mr. McDow was selling drugs and was arrested because of it. In November they got him into the jail, where he spent time till February, when the woman, with whom he lived, paid a bond for him after winning in a lottery. The bond was $3.000.000.

When the police came, they also found two more people – men of 31 and 21 years old, who also were under the influence of marihuana.

As it has been already said, a young woman, who was 26 and had 4 children, won in a lottery in February. Her winning was rather huge – $188.000.000. As it was later found out, she helped others to possess drugs, so she was arrested soon after the winning.

On Thursday the police visited her home, where they found marihuana and some paraphernalia too. The total quantity was about a half of ounce. By the way, her home is situated in Brunswick Country.

But the purpose of visiting her home was totally different. The main goal was to find Mr. McDow and arrest him, because he was owning and selling heroin and has been given some requirements according to the decision of the court. He had to pay $3.000.000, but he violated all the requirements.

At that time Mr. McDow lived together with the woman of 26. All that time he also sold drugs and was found at her home with firearm. Such information was taken from the official reports.

Also it was mentioned in the reports, that at the time, when police came, there were also two men at home, who were 21 and 31 years old. Both of them also had marihuana.

One of the man was arrested immediately, because he resisted the police.

poverty houseWhen the police found all that people with drugs, there were children at home of ages 4, 5 and 9 years old.

When Holmes won the lottery, which was really historical because of huge winnings, she realized it immediately and though it to be the most correct thing to take the whole sum once. It was $188.000.000. There were only three people, who had these winnings.

The first step was to pay for Mr. McDow and let him out of the jail. He spent there several months since November. After the winning she had an opportunity to pay $3.000.000 for him.

In her interview Holmes said that she would like to spend her money for charity and make some funds for the future colleges of her children.

The children are of different age. The smallest is 9 months only and the oldest is 9 years old. The smallest suffers from a serious disease.

As she is very young, she quit studies and practically had no jobs because she had to take care of all her children. Only father helped her a bit by providing them with some money. But almost all her life she suffered from poverty and was looking for money. In spite all these facts her children were the highest care for her all the time, as neighbors and friends tell.

By now all the three people, including Holmes, are in the court and are waiting for the decision.

The jackpot, which she won, was one of the biggest for the latest times. The last time someone won so huge sum in the Powerball lottery was in 2013.

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