Wins lottery for second time?

Stuart PowellThe truck driver was very upset when he had known that he’d received a second a winning lottery ticket by an ERROR.

Happy Stuart Powell received a prize of 1 million pounds, but later in the store there was an error.

The driver of the UK has already started to celebrate his victory, when he learned that the store there was an error and the gain does not belong to him.

In 2011, Stuart Powell was 50 years old and he was lucky because he picked a good jackpot worth 55 000 pounds. 4 years later he learned that once again won the prize, but this time it was 1 million pounds.

For the prize draw on Friday, he bought a lottery ticket, because after winning, he continued to play. The shop assistant seller sold him the wrong ticket, which mistakenly made millionaire Stuart.

Disappointment mixed with anger and joy of victory, which Stuart was beginning to celebrate. November 24 announced his lottery numbers on the ticket as a winning.

In the words of Stuart Powell, he wanted to continue to work as a driver, but wanted the prize money to buy a professional hunting rifle. He has three children, to whom he wanted to give it.

After his first win he gave the money to his children and relatives, so 1 million has also been give to his family.

He said his wife, Denise, that is 44 years old, he couldn’t believe four years ago in his winnings. In this victory, he was not sure but was pleasantly surprised.

Stuart said that the money from the win helped everyone get what you want, my wife got a car, and I bought a gun. Lottery – is a dream come true for the whole family and their desires.

He added that the time working as a truck driver and the prize will not force him to give up work.

He loves to meet different people and to help all people in need.

This man is superstitious; he thinks that the wrong sale of ticket was definitely the curse in his life.

He was going to buy a ticket for the prize draw on Friday night. But the wrong ticket mixed up the dates and the seller sold him a ticket for the previous rally.

lottery winner

Stuart did not get upset very much, because he wanted to win the jackpot of 119 million, but only got one.

In this error he sees the positive side, because he believes his luck next time.

While he was on the trip, as drivers often sent to another city. There he bought a ticket and called his wife to check out the winning combination of numbers.

When he travels to the distant city, he always calls his wife before going to bed.

So he did, and in the evening, at the same time he asked her to check the ticket, that’s when they realized that they became the victors.

He said that at the time when its number is the same, he was so excited that hit his head on the roof of the truck cab.

“My God,” they were so impressed by the news that could only say this phrase.

They often play the lottery, even after winning the prize in 2011.

At the time, Stuart celebrated his birthday and they decided to spend the money on a general holiday with his lovely family and children.

For each of their children Stuart wanted to buy a house, and his wife always dreamed of a good and a new SUV.

It was a wonderful holiday for the family, because they were convinced that it was the best Christmas present with valuable gifts. Maybe you could be the next winner? Play HERE!

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