Lottery Biggest Jackpot ever in Powerball (Part 2)

There are word of a woman, who won a jackpot in 2006 of about $200.000.000. She told them that with the money she found new life, to which she need to adapt, because it was something totally different. At first she paid taxes, which were totally about $6.000.000 and the rest sum she divided with her co-workers, with whom they bought the ticket. The money, which first brought happiness, later turned into sufferings and pain. It is all because when people know about your money, which they did not have, they become greedy and want get only money from you, forgetting about everything good.

Lottery winnerThere was also another story of a woman, who was alone rising up her children. She needed to struggle for life every day to feed her family, until she won the lottery. As soon as she got the money, she spent them on whatever she dreamed of without thinking of the future life – she paid loans, bought houses and cars, went to expensive journeys. And what was later? In several years she found out the money ran out and she need to do something. So, she gets her small allowance and tries to survive everyday as earlier.

There were thousands of happy and poor stories about the lottery winners, especially those, who won really amazing sums. They are all about the fact that you need to listen to your brain and not emotions and be ready to control yourself to become one more lucky person. If not – then you will lose everything in some time and will return to the point where you began.

A man from New Jersey lately won two times in a lottery. The latest winning was about $315.000.000. everything was good but he later told us the truth that instead of that money he would better had a happy life. He divorced with his wife, his daughter died after an overdose, he had a lot of lawsuits and a lot of other sad things. He even had no friends and close people when he became rich, so he became totally lonely and in some sense poor.

Financial advisers are extremely worried about such cases when people win so much. They aware everybody that when winning a person must be psychologically ready for such money, especially if he was in need of them. According to the statistics, more than half of the winners lose everything in several years of less.

This topic especially concerns those people, who had bad financial state before. You must not confuse and think strictly before you are ready, otherwise you will create one more sad winner story.

coinsA man from Nebraska won about $365.000.000 and spent the money first of all for the journeys and visited several countries, which he always wanted to see. Now he came to another place and spends his time as he wants, playing his hobby and sports games. But he has this all because right in the beginning he invested practically all his money.

Now, as several years passed, he can say that he has not changed since then. It was not his dream to have huge money and buy luxury things. He was a simple guy who just wanted to do what he really loves with all his soul. And he got it. Right, in the beginning as he won he could not believe sometimes that it was not a dream. Several weeks he sometimes could not sleep because of it. He tried to be calm and not listen to his emotions. And it helped him to use the money correctly and wisely.

Now he lives in a usual house with usual things inside. He has a big dog, with which he spends a lot of time.

Some days ago he visited the store where he bought the winning ticket again and bought several tickets more as a joke.

A woman one day won a jackpot and from that moment she tries to win again and even does not hide her life and tries to be famous. She takes part in reality shows, write books, has a blog.

So, we can only wish a good luck for all that and future people, because no one knows, how hard it is to be a winner.

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