Lottery winners in UK are waiting to get winnings

In North Yorkshire a Postcode Lottery has been held, where players won a jackpot of £2.000.000. Later this sum will be divided among them all.

The special sector, where all the winners live, was called Scarborough’s YO11 3. On the 30 of May all the winners are invited to the celebration at the South Bay, where each of them will find out, how much did he or she won.

Winners waiting to get their winningsThe lottery has already been help here in 2010. At that time all the players won a smaller sum, which was £1.000.000. The celebration of the winnings was help in September of the same year. Also not so long time ago there were four people, who were the winners of Daily Prize. The lottery was help in February and people won £1.000.

A spokesman of the lottery of Postcode gave an interview, where he spoke about the benefits and awards of the lottery. He told that the winners do not get only benefits from the lottery. Every person, who buys a ticket, spends 25% of its cost for charity. These money go to different organizations around Britain. The collected sums are huge, for example, the last time it was £69.200.000. As the example, the Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team got £9.000 last time.

This team is a special service, where volunteers work and help rescuing and searching people. Often this organization is funded by the lottery players. With the help of these funds the team was able to buy special equipment, which was needed for their work, like helmets and waterproofs.

The ambassador of the Postcode Lottery will meet the winners at the celebration and will give them checks, which they are waiting for.

In her interview she congratulated all the winners and told that it will be interesting to know about the sum of winnings, as nobody of the winners know about it.

A bit later organizers promised to give more details about the ceremony, cheque, sums of winnings and etc.

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