Lottery winners from NY wants to get a jackpot

Biotech Specialists

These people work as biotech specialists. They spent a lot of money to buy tickets of a popular lottery, where they own a huge jackpot of $58.000.000, which took place on the 26th of May.

On Tuesday there was a ceremony, where the prizes were checked. It was held right in the store, where they got those tickets.

All the participants, who won these huge money, didn’t believe their fortune. So before they believed that it was the reality, the checked their tickets for several times, because such a sum seemed really fantastic.

Those, who got winning tickets, live in different places all over the country – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and also California and even New Jersey. They decided to get the whole sum at one payment and divide it between each other. The sum will be more than $38.000.000. Also they will have to pay al taxes, after which each participant will get more than $1.500.000. This information was given by the officials, working with lottery.

Workers play this lottery for several years in Penn Plaza. Their representative told us that they all did not believe and walked from one computer to another and checked every detail on their tickets’ scans. They wanted to exclude any mistake. Without making it they could not be totally sure in the correctness of the information.

They played the lottery each week. Every time they chose one person, who bought the tickets for all of them. So, it was made in turn. Every single time they chose different shops to buy tickets.

The team of workers calls themselves “Lucky 16 Trust”. The winning ticket was bought at Carlton Cards on the 24 of March. It was situated right near the offices, where they currently work.

They told us that after people knew that a person, who won a jackpot, works in their building, everyone was so nervous and everybody was making mess around. So, some people thought that the right step will be to check everybody’s tickets.

At first this check did not have any results, but the workers did not lost their enthusiasm and continued making it one by one, computer by computer.

They send emails to everyone, working in the building. As they were sure, everybody got it, they could calm down.

One of the winners said that people were not sure in anything for the first time. It should be understand that people were at the working place at different time, so the news did not reach everybody quickly.

But after a while everything was known for sure and the situation became a bit calmer. And the lucky team decided to make a meeting in a conference hall. And that was the time to show their emotions and sing happy songs and crying “hurray”.

The room was full of energy, joy and happiness. It is understandable that emotions were everywhere at that moment.

After this quick happy meeting the team decided not to tell and show anything to others and behave as a usual. But the truth was they can’t really work well and did not do much work at that period.

All these people from lucky team have different ideas concerning their spending money. Somebody wants to pay for some current needs, like school loans, for example. Somebody wants to make some good investments. Somebody wants to leave the money till retirement of till bad times.

Also they promised to help each other and take care, in needed.

They told that they are more then colleagues and at each stage of their lives they will not leave each other in troubles.

In 2010 one of the shops sold a ticket, which was the winning one with the prize of $1.000.000. And now it will get a special bonus for it.

The manager of the shop told that he is glad that they sold such a ticket. Also the manager added that each month the store sells several winning tickets. According to his words, the shop is a lucky place! Nevertheless, he is happy for those, who won, especially about the fact that there is more than one winner.

All the records show that it is the only ticket, which manages to sell so many tickets each month. There is no such a store in the state, where this number would be bigger.

The shop has decorations, which show all the possible winnings in the lottery. So, now after this great winning it can provide one more decoration with advertisement of $58.000.000 winning.

The next numbers made the winning combination: 2, 23, 32, 45, 55, 12.

The winners are:

  • From New Jersey: Barber W., Berth K., Chiong V., Graboso J., Harrison E.,  Jung M., Vasquez D.
  • From New York: Ayala W., Cruz S., Malik M., Masonson H., Moore N., Salermo Y., Teuber D.
  • From California: Beutelspacher D.
  • From Jersey City: Scroxton S.


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