Lottery prize of $93. What would you buy?

A man played EuroMillions and was lucky to get a jackpot of $93.000.000. And now a lot of problems appeared for him: what to buy for this money? He became crazy, because he wants all the luxury to become his and there are plenty of things. So, he will tell us, what did he buy or would like to buy to feel that he is a millionaire. It is really interesting to know what people would like to spend money for, because it makes them feel proud of themselves and a bit free.

So, let’s see the stories of this happy winner and will not be jealous for him.

  • Dream 1 – Car

CarThe first dream would be to buy z car. And not just a simple car, but a Formula 1 car, as he likes this racing. The price for such a model is very high, because it is build up to the willing of the buyer. It will usually cost somewhere about from 6 to 9 millions of dollars, so it is not a simple gift for yourself. The winner needs it just for enjoyment.

  • Dream 2 – Space trip

Space tripSuch an extravagant dream has been one of the main among others. A person can pay about $160.000 and go to space for some time. But such a service is just planned to be available and now it is not real. Hope that this dream will one day become true.

  • Dream 3 – Personal island

Personal IslandIslands are popular investments for the last several years. Many rich people think it is great to have such a place, where only they would be owners. Prices vary form $3 to 11 and more millions.

  • Dream 4 – Flash watch

Flash WatchThe watch include brilliants, gold, titanium and other metals. The price may be shocking for most people just for watch – not less than $40.000. They were presented by Stephen Hawking several years ago.

  • Dream 5 – Art

ArtPieces of art, like famous pictures or sculptures, have always been popular among millionaires. They hand on the walls of their expensive houses and tell about the amount of money of their owner. It is a thing, which shows status of a person. A picture may cost around $90.000.000.

  • Dream 6 – Personal jet

Personal jetWhy not become the owner of an expensive jet, which will be only yours? It can be equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and so on. You could fly wherever you want at any time. The most expensive one is $41.000.000. It is Gulfstream G650 – it is the fastest one, so you could try it too.

  • Dream 7 – Player of a football team

Football PlayerYou can buy everything and even anybody in this world. So, why not to buy a player, for example, of your favorite team? there are players, who can do everything for money. For example one of the most popular players cost $85.000.000 several years ago. You pay a sum of money and he is yours. Just imagine how is it to be the owner of another person?

  • Dream 8 and the last one: Roller-coaster

Roller-coasterYes, this dream can become real. You personally can invest money and build your own roller-coaster, which the world had never seen before. There are several examples of such investments. One of the projects cost 8 millions of dollars and there were more expensive projects. certainly, the projects can be more expensive, but you can become a part of such impressive and important things, which people will see for the rest of the life.

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