What is Loteria del Nino ?

lottery el ninoThe annual draw of this lottery is the second percentage of players in Spain. In contrast, the most popular lottery this game lures every year almost 93% of the adult population of the country is as well as abroad.

Celebrating the New Year doesn’t start without the annual purchase of a lottery ticket and expectations of the date the prize draw. Spaniards believe that in this way they can fully meet the approaching holidays.

Why should you play?

The popularity of the El Niño lottery has never been in doubt. The game direct prizes and the prize may be several million Euros. In this lottery there’re many reasons to play – a high level of jackpots, a great chance to win, which reach a value of 1 to 3. The total prize fund of the lottery for the last year was almost 600 million Euros, this should be added to a small gain that also could benefit the winners.

In it there are many lottery winners, everything is done for the players to El Niño to provide their holidays with fun.

The format of the game.

The rules of El Niño are very similar to the lottery El Gordo. The same draw for tickets that are complete and contain the cost of five digits, and a unique serial number. Each ticket called billete printed in multiple copies, to increase the chances of players.

Each series has a unique serial number. The draw takes part each ticket with a different serial number, and 5 numbers draw. Besides, one ticket is divided into ten sections called décima. These parts also bring the prizes, but did not participate in the main jackpot prize. The rules are simple, and the chances are huge – this is the famous El Niño Lottery.spanish_el_nino_tickets

The history of this lottery.

The history of the Lottery began in 1941, but after a few years, the popularity of the lottery began to decline. In 1966, the entire country has been actively begun to play El Gordo and then the administration has decided to introduce a new lottery that it symbolized the New Year as El Gordo at Christmas.

Officially called the Lottery Sorteo Extraordinario del Niño, but it is literally the Spaniards call it in different variants. You can see names like “Extraordinary Little One Sweepstakes” or “The Little One Lottery”. All of these names are related to the second-largest and scale lotteries in Spain, so the Spaniards love it no less than the main Christmas lottery El Gordo.

El niño word in Spanish literally means “child”. It has this name because it belongs to the Catholic faith, to the time when Jesus was a child. The grand prize in this lottery called too El Gordo, because Christmas is celebrated together with the New Year and the two lotteries are combined into one common party. Lottery Act currently imposes a tax payment only for a prize of more than 2,500 Euros, all amounts to this mark is not taxed.

Key reasons to play.
  • The second largest popular lottery in the world.
  • The total prize money amounts to almost 600 million Euros.
  • In addition to the main prize there are about several thousand individual prizes.
  • The flexible structure of the game allows you to get a few million winners.
  • All prizes are awarded to the winners without taxes.
  • You can easy buy El Niño lottery ticket HERE


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  1. Spanish Lottery says:

    This Spanish lottery received its name according to the date of the adoration of the Magi to the infant Jesus. The first Loteria del Nino occurred in 1941 and became an official part of Loteria Nacional in 1966.

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