Lottery winning of unbelievable sum in UK

A UK citizen has bought a ticket in UK, which brought him later more than $93.000.000. A bit later he claimed the prize.

Nobody still knows who is the winner, because he did not want to tell about his identity. Maybe in future he or she also will keep silent and never tell their name to the others.

The sum of the winning was more than $93.000.000. It means that the person, who won, becomes one of the six richest people, who ever got lottery winnings. The money could be got very soon.

This year nobody has won such a huge sum of money in UK. To win the jackpot the owner of the ticket managed to match five numbers – 5, 8, 10, 11, 37. Also there were two extra lucky number of 7, 9. All these numbers together let to win the jackpot.

Quite for a long time nobody in the country won jackpots at all, so this case was very surprising for everybody around.

There were also other winners in that lottery, but they got smaller prizes, certainly. One of those people matched all the numbers without one and got the total sum of $250.000. A lot of people got small prizes about $2.90 – about four million people. These people were awarded in different places of the country.

All in all, according to the information, about 53 millions of people bought tickets for the game.

The representative of the lottery told us that they are happy to pay such a huge prize to the winner, because it really can change everything in life.

The people, who had the most huge winning ever, won their prize in 2011 and it was about $161.000.000. It was the hugest winning in the whole Europe and since then nobody made it bigger.

Earlier beginning from the year 2010 practically every year one of the players won huge sums of about $100.000.000 and even more. Their names are well-known.

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