Top 10 Best Towns in Britain to Play Lottery

Of nationally Lottery was created in 1994 and has since earned more than 40 billion pounds. National Lottery was maintained by the organization of Camelot. There is statistics of all the data that come to the lottery. There were chosen the most successful places where they sell lottery tickets. The top tier of the ranking took place, where the prize is 50,000 pounds and above. Now you can safely choose the most successful shop near your home and you may be lucky and you get a pleasant surprise.Britian

  1. Romford occupies a leading position where it was bought more lottery tickets to win than anywhere else in another place. It is a beautiful city with elegant railway bridge and high pedestrian streets. Now this city is built, soon there will be many new modern buildings.
  2. Sunderland is in second place. It is the only city in the northeast, where there were a record number of lottery tickets to win. A city is famous for its beaches and charming marina. Here you can buy gorgeous two-storey townhouse and enjoy the beautiful nature.
  3. Newcastle-upon-Tyne is another city with a beautiful cottage in the center of the city. If you do not want the hustle of the city, you can always find cozy houses on the outskirts. On the banks of the River Tyne are placed beautiful promenade with plenty of attractions.
  4. Liverpool is not just a football city and the birthplace of the Beatles. Now, the city is still famous for its sales of the winning lottery tickets. At its core is a metropolis with a host of modern houses.
  5. The North London borough of Enfield takes 5th place in our ranking of the most successful cities. The city is very green, has beautiful scenery and small streets. In the center of the city infrastructure development, many medical and public institutions, shops and leisure centers.
  6. Warrington has a small two-storey houses and cozy squares and parks. One of the main attractions is the transport rail service between Manchester and Liverpool.
  7. Bromley bordered by London takes 7th place in our ranking of the most successful cities. This is a fairly large city in the suburbs of the capital. There are many schools and kindergartens. The city always been chosen by young families who want to live in peace and harmony with nature.
  8. Wolverhampton is ideal for those who like to enjoy the spectacular scenery. The city is well developed, has its own infrastructure, but not as big as a metropolis. Lottery tickets here too bring someone good luck. Therefore, we can safely put this cozy town on the 8th place in our ranking.
  9. The Kentish town of Dartford is located on the 9th place in our ranking. Here, too, people are very willing to buy lottery tickets and hope to win. The city has large areas of open countryside. This is a great place for those people, who want to feel the freedom. In the city center you can buy 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.
  10. Dundee in last place in our ranking. This city is in Scotland and there he called one of the most successful cities, but we have it in last place. The city is known for its architecture and other landmarks. On the outskirts, you can see small villas with magnificent terraces.


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