EuroMillions Players have exciting time!

All players in the UK are waiting for the most awaited week, which begins next Tuesday. It will be huge draws on Tuesday and Friday, which offer more prize money and a lot of adrenaline. Already on Tuesday The EuroMillions game will prompt you to win the triple jackpot with an expected cost of approximately 26 million pounds. On Friday, the game will be only for EuroMillions players from the UK. This possibility falls less frequently; there may be around 10 prospective winners, who will receive £ 1 million.

Lottery PlayersThe game like a triple jackpot means that neither of the players was able to have the main prize in the last season. On Friday winning numbers in EuroMillion were 18, 24, 35, 44 and 45, and the numbers 05 and 11 had appeared already in Lucky Stars. Then there are still two tickets that keeping up the same five numbers and one ticket with the Lucky Star. So everyone of the players couldn’t win € 723,961. It’s only the part of £ 62,795 for each, which corresponds to only one of five main ticket numbers.

The fourth level of the prize has winning prize of £ 5091, which could win each 37 ticket. It’s correspond to a combination of four chief numbers,  as number Lucky Star, and that won more than 2,170,000 players in a smaller prizes. In United Kingdom, the total sum of money, received by players winning tickets, amounted to 3.42 million pounds. A complementary prize of 1 million pounds won the player who has compiled all the numbers.

In Lucky Stars, one of the winning overdue tickets, we have seen last Thursday. Then it appeared in the draw on Friday night, and it was number 05. If you want to know the combination of the past game – they will appear on Tuesday. We need to look out for even numbers 16, 41, 15, 09 and 33. The overdue Lucky Stars were 04 and 02.

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