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Want to be rich? Try the EuroMillions lottery online! Forget about the queues, saving time and money with the best lottery on the web! Take all the possible advantages!

EuroMillions: what do we know about

It is a famous Eurolotto, taking place on Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening. The fact is that all the national lotteries are supposed to be used only by the residents of the country. EuroMillions lottery, on the contrary, pools the stakes, creating amazing jackpots and valuable prizes. The pool can roll over if there’s no jackpot winner this week. So is there’s no winner during a few weeks, the prize becomes as high as €190 million. Funny, isn’t it?

Want to gain money today? So play!

Forget about the tickets, wasted time and queues playing Eurolotto online. You can play via phone or just at home and receive notifications with results via mail. The winnings will deposit on your account automatically. If you become a member of Eurolotto, you will have an opportunity to take all the advantages of unique options, available only to players, who play the lottery online.

Even a child is able to play EuroMillions

Playing EuroMillions is not only easy, but fast. You should choose and pick five numbers. They should be between 1 and 50 only, and two so called “Lucky Stars” from one to eleven. If you have questions, examine FAQ and become sure you have understood and learned all the regulations, rules and tips of the EuroMillions. Remember you can always check your knowledge in the FAQ.

What are the chances?

If you want to have the best chances while playing – try EuroMillions. This lottery gives people the highest chance to become a winner than other lotteries. There are 13 types of the prize. After matching all the needed numbers and two additional ones called “Lucky Stars” for hitting the prize, the possible odds are 1:116,531,800. Our lottery game provides a player odds of 1:11.8, so one can win any kind of wanted prize.

What about the Jackpots of EuroMillions?

At the moment EuroMillions’ minimum amount of jackpot money is something like £10.8 million while maximum is at about £136 million. The fact is that the prize is counted in euros, so it’s amount have risen up to £161. This situation have made EuroMillions the largest lottery in Europe for the present. It also has annual Superdraws, taking place several times a year. During this time the jackpot is automatically boosted up to £71.8 million. Are you interested? Of course, you are! Gain more details about there jackpots, events and news on the official page of EuroMillions.



UK and EUROMILLIONS: is everything OK? YES!

Along with Spain and France, The UK is one of the three nations, founding EuroMillions. They have won two biggest EuroMillions jackpots. That was the biggest victory of all time. The winners are:

Colin and Christine Weir with their prize of £161 million, living in Largs, Scotland;

Adrian and Gillian Bayford, having won £148 million from Suffolk, England.

If you want to know more about those who have won EuroMillions in different years along with EuroMillions news in the UK, read the NEWS on the website.

The countries, participating in Eurolotto

EuroMillions is the biggest lottery because it is played in 13 countries. The majority of players live in the UK, Spain, France. The list of other countries include Luxembourg, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria. It is possible to play EuroMillions in the Isle of Man, Andorra, Monaco and Liechtenstein. That is why we can call EuroMillions the most popular and the biggest international lottery with all the players from the participating countries. Moreover we can call it the biggest world lottery!

What are Super Eurolotto and Event Draws

They are the special drawings during which they set Jackpot to to a certain amount. This amount is often reach €100,000,000. So what is the difference? It is in the mechanism of the lottery, So during the Super Draw the jackpot can roll over if it is not won. At the same time they can distribute an Event Draw jackpot among the winners during the proceeding lower tier. It is interesting that the first known Super draw of 2011 was hold on Tuesday 10 May. It was done in order to mark the second weekly Euromillions draw. The changes of the game rules and format were also marked this way. The dates and the amount of the Superdraws you can find on the website.

Play EuroMillions Now!

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