Tips for Winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot

According on an Irish Lotto worker, there is nothing like cold or hot numbers as many players assume. Hot numbers are the numbers that appear frequently in the winning number combinations. People tend to choose or mark these numbers because they assume that they appear always. The Irish Lotto worker however erased the myth by revealing that numbers occur randomly with no one to control them. Players are supposed to use other strategies, if there are any, to increase their winning probability. Below are some of the factors that people should consider when playing the Irish lotto jackpot.

Mix Low and High Even Numbers

Even though people say that winning Irish Lotto Results is all about luck, there cannot be luck without preparation. You need to ensure that you optimize your combination by mixing the high and low even numbers so that you increase your probability of getting the numbers correct. From 1-22, these numbers are considered low while from 23-47, these numbers are considered high. Even if this is correct, no one has the ability to tell which exact numbers will occur in the final draw of numbers. You can put 3 low and 3 high or put 4 low and 2 high, it all depends on your instincts and analysis.

Even and Odd Number Combination

In regard to the recent outcomes of the jackpot, you can decide to mix the odd and even numbers. It is fact that most of the jackpot combinations come with both even and odd number combinations. You can analyze the recent outcomes so that you know the ratio of odd and even numbers to select in your combinations. Although it is not a hundred percent correct, your chances of matching several numbers on the final Irish Lotto results is high.

Combine Consecutive Numbers and the Less Frequent Numbers

Numbers that occur frequently can still be used to predict the future combinations. Since it is crystal clear that there are no way recent combinations will come in the exact formations, you can select the frequent recurring numbers and put them in your selection. You should choose the ones that appeared frequently in the previous two draws because numbers have a tendency of recurring up to three times. Make sure that you mix with new numbers as well because it is obvious that there will be new numbers in the Irish Lotto Results.

To conclude, the above strategies should be used in combination and not separately. Use them to analyze the numbers and select the most appropriate ones. Once you are sure of what you want, you can then go ahead and mark your lucky numbers. Preparation or strategizing does not give you a guarantee that you will win but it just enhances your winning probability. Another point worth noting is that doing just focus on the millions, you can also focus on the small prizes, and you might find yourself making more money over time. Play Irish Lotto with a neutral mentality; don’t dwell too much on winnings because you might end up giving up.

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