Lottery changes in UK, 2015

Massive changes in the rules of the UK lottery will be made in the nearest days. Such changes are necessary to create more prizes, and to drum up more people, the income from the National Lottery are reduced, so it is necessary to change the rules and ways of winning.

UKThe main change is to increase lottery balls from 49 to 59. It seems that to win will now be easier, but in fact it will become harder. At the moment, the chances of getting the jackpot of about one to 15 million, and after the change, this number would be 1 chance in 45 million.

The payouts from 4 to 5 numbers will remain the same.

Another change is that two numbers fell on the ticket will help you to get an opportunity to take more free ticket to play more. This means that you will have 1 chance on 10 to win, and now the chance to change 50.

It’s not the big prize – to get another ticket, but it encourages people to have a desire to win more and more. And there is not important what the prize is.

Camelot argues that if in a week there will be fewer winners, than it will increase the chances for income, because of creating more potential prizes. Now in the UK buying of lottery tickets quickly reduced. Most people prefer to play EuroMillions, because there is money prize amounts € 150 million

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