The odds of Winning the Powerball are growing

The lottery is very good for everyone if the odds of huge winning the jackpot are increased. This will bring more profits and easy money for the state.

lottery winningWhen gains decreased, New Jersey has lost nearly a third of their income. Slow sales of lottery tickets mean slow payment of social benefits and assistance to the poor people. As part of the payments from the state lottery profits go to help the disabled and veterans. Many officials are pleased to increase the growth in profits from the sale of lottery tickets. Experts believe that any changes to make adjustments in its economic position of any state. If large payments become smaller, the staff does not get enough money to help social funds. The sharp increase in payments for winning the huge jackpot is short.

Changes in this law should come into force on October 4. It was created a council, where the issue was solved. The main leading party to vote in favor of keeping the agency questions about the lottery. The State should agree with the changes and approve them.

Once the changes are approved by the state lottery profits should increase. Odds of winning will become more so that the income of the state will increase several times.

If you look at this situation from the other side, then the person is 400 times likely to get struck accidentally by lightning than to win the jackpot. After the entrance into force of the first name in the lottery, the odds become 250 times.

Now the rules of the game are 5 balls and 59 digits. Sixth ball – this is a red Powerball, where you can choose the numbers to 35. If a lottery ticket matches all six numbers, the jackpot increases by several million times. After the first name in the law, the numbers will be selected to 69 and red balls – to 26. Such data will bring more gains to people and more income to the state.

Even if changes are made, the chances of a big winning will choose the good luck. Of course now the set of numbers is much easier, so the chances of winning as 4 dollars and 50 thousand more equal.

A spokesman for the state lottery said that to win $ 2 million may be some overlap in all the numbers. You do not need to type the complete combination.

lottery winnerOnce changes come into force, the budget of New Jersey will be increased. The contract with the lottery company will be valid for 3 years. After the law should be amended in the sales department of lottery tickets will be good jump.

Since joining Northstar law has yet to meet its net income target. Money sent back to the state they have reduced their forecasts for 2016 twice.

Lottery Commission of New Jersey is expected to formally adopt the changes to the rules. But up to this point no date has been set for this.

Governor Christie and state officials pointed to the national decrease in sales of the two major sources of lottery Powerball and Mega Millions.

In New Jersey, the sale of these two games has fallen by almost 30 per cent compared with July last year, according to Sidamon-Eristoff, who left his job as a long-term state treasurer last week. They believe that the purchase of lottery tickets have reduced returns. But in fact, such large sums to the state treasury could bring only the winnings of the jackpot.

The representative of the lottery company said that they hope the public. People need to respond positively to the new changes in the law on lotteries. Because these changes will increase their chances to win, this is beneficial for them. Big jackpots will bring a lot of money to the state, but will increase the number of lost people. Everywhere has its disadvantages, but the advantages of these changes can bring someone millions of dollars.

Such changes are made every few years. They improve the economic situation of the state, but also to increase people’s chances of winning not only small amounts, but jackpots of several million dollars. Users who do not play the lottery will not be able to understand the benefits of new developments. If a person wins $ 300 million, it automatically wants to play more. Everyone hopes that luck was on his side, and innovation in the law will only increase the chances of winning.

moneySuch changes were in history for the eighth lottery for several decades. Then the cost of a lottery ticket was $ 1, now it is $ 2. At that time, the minimum jackpot was 20 million dollars, now the minimum amount of winning is 40 million.

Such changes will be made not for long time. It may take a couple of years until the player loses interest. Then we’ll make new adjustments to make gains even more profitable.

Professor Aaron Abrams believes that such changes are short-term, but they will crawl, and the players and the state. They change the game, stimulate people to play, cause new interest. This is a great strategy to excite people and bring them to the lottery.

Recent changes were adopted by the Association without the introduction of the state lottery; the State sought a way to attract casual gamers in the Powerball lottery and Mega Millions. After the introduction of the system of ticket sales fell. That implementation was not relevant and is not launched, as reported in the financial information in 2015.

It was not clear how much income you can expect from Powerball changes. All of this was dependent on the sales first, and then from winning the jackpot.

Even if sales of Mega Millions and Powerball declined and the state has not reached its revenue, total ticket sales are gaining momentum and profit. In 2014 sales were nearly $ 3 billion.

Many experts believe that changes in the lottery are a vain hope for the population. Thus, due to unrealistic expectations officials force people to replenish the coffers at the expense of their income.

Director of the Community to abolish gambling Les Bernal said that the introduction of changes just pulls out money from the population to replenish state coffers.

Bernal said that the government will go to any decisions, just to add a little bit of easy money.

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