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Spanish Christmas Lottery Online 2015

Why lottery in Spain, which takes place on Christmas Day, is the most popular in the world?Every year in Madrid held a lottery, which rightly occupies the leading position and it means a lot to the Spaniards. About 90% of the adult population are participating or just watching the process...

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Spanish Christmas Lottery – Loteria de Navidad

It is a huge national lottery of Spain, which is played annually. It appeared a long time ago and every year people are waiting for the lottery on the 22 of December, during Christmas holidays. As earlier, today it is totally controlled and supported by the government of Spain. A...

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Christmas Lottery in Spain 2015

The Lottery, which was held in Spain in 2014 year offered huge prizes to those, who took part in the games. All in all the sum of prizes reached more than $ All the money went to more than 28 million players.This lottery is called in Spain as Loteria de...