Spanish Christmas Lottery Online 2015

ChristmasWhy lottery in Spain, which takes place on Christmas Day, is the most popular in the world?

Every year in Madrid held a lottery, which rightly occupies the leading position and it means a lot to the Spaniards. About 90% of the adult population are participating or just watching the process of the prize draw. I wonder why this lottery is the most popular. There are 5 reasons:

  1. Lottery brings people together: It’s not just a lottery, which takes place every year. This grand event, and even this can be called a full holiday, like Christmas. Christmas lottery gathers people together; it brings together family and friends. The main motto of this show is the more the merrier. Observing the results of the prize draw can be considered a terrific event, followed by the majority of Spaniards and other nationalities, because they are happy and hope to win a prize!
  2. It brings money: Spanish lottery is significantly different from the usual lottery in other countries. In other lottery draw takes place only for one lucky winner who wins the jackpot. The Spanish lottery all the action takes place in a different way; there can be multiple winners with different winning amount. Perhaps it is for this reason that El Gordo is such popular.
  3. Excellent chance to win: A chance to win the Spanish lottery of about 1 to 10, because a lot of prizes. This is own good reason to consider this the most popular lottery.
  4. Anyone can play: Christmas lottery offers players buy a ticket, but if people can not afford to spend 250 Euros, he can buy a one-tenth of the total ticket price. It is very convenient when the Spanish lottery plays a family or group of friends, in the ethos of the beam can share one winner the prize to all players.
  5. Holiday Tradition: This lottery began in 1812, and 200 years to please its players. Since everyone loves to play, it becomes a lottery ticket perfect gift for Christmas, because it is becoming a tradition. You guess if you decide to buy such a wonderful gift to any member of your family or friends.

chr (1)You can also play in the Spanish lottery via the Internet!

The Spanish lottery is played almost 90% of the population, but if you are in another point of the planet, then you too can take part in the game. To do this you will need a computer or your smart phone as well as access to the Internet, where the game welcomes you to the website there you can buy ticket of the Loteria de Navidad.

Every Christmas prize fund reserves billions of pounds.

Raffle prizes in December 2015, will give nearly €2.2 billion, so the lucky winners are looking forward to draw.

Generosity Loteria de Navidad rolls because the jackpot is considered the largest lottery in the world.

None of the lottery in the world has such a prize fund, because the other allocated to the prize winners, only 50% of the income of the sale of tickets.

The most generous in the world is a lottery Loteria de Navidad.

Yes, that’s right! Lottery draw one can bestow several players who could become millionaires. If the odds of winning are 1 to 10, one can imagine how many will be prizes. Now it becomes clear why every year millions of people are actively buying those lottery tickets.


You have a particular advantage in this game.

Many people go to the other end of the city or even in another part to buy a lottery ticket, when they begin to sell it. This is similar to the sale in stores before the holiday, because in each point of sale of tickets has huge queue of those wishing to buy a ticket. Each ticket has a specific printed number, so the player can’t choose his number. If you don’t want to waste your time in queues, it is available for you to purchase tickets through the Internet.

Loteria de Navidad is for family and friends.

The generosity of this lottery makes it popular, but it brings together family and friends. Before Christmas the whole family buys tickets or gives them to each other. This is not just a normal part of a holiday or a gift; it is a tradition and an excuse to get together. You will significantly improve your chances of winning if you play in groups with friends, family or colleagues. In this case, you can buy one ticket and one ticket split into 10 parts and each of your friends buys one piece.

Loteria de Navidad is available even for people from other countries.

Until recently, the player can not buy a ticket, if he is not a citizen of Spain. But for several years the rules Loteria de Navidad changed and now for every person on the planet are available purchasing tickets through the Internet. If he wins he will be notified on the website of the lottery, after the official draw of 22 December.


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