National Lottery sensation!

A professional player in the National Lottery won only 21 £, because he dropped the ball 4 agreed. If he dropped the ball 3, it would bring him to 25 £

The player was stunned and how said Adrian Hewlett, he no longer wants to play the national lottery. Since he was very disappointed and will now select another game.

Another player was an electrician who was 69 years old. He saw his 4 digits, which fell on Wednesday.

He was also shocked if dropped 3 goals instead of four, his win was more.

A spokesman from Lotto explained how this system works and why.

Mr. Hewlett could not imagine that the 4 balls bring less money than 3. He was shocked to learn about it and think it’s not fair.

“ I played and chose their usual numbers, I was very surprised when I saw 4 goals, and winning was so small ”, says Adrian Hewlett

He hoped that his win will allow him to travel with his wife, and this he did not win enough to buy ice cream.

Shocking sensationNow he wants to play more bingo, where the rules will be easier for him. He wants to try to win in the lottery of Health.

This lottery system started up in 2011 and has since earned a good profit to the Treasury. The agency draws from the funds allocated nearly 60 million pounds for charity. Thanks to this money could help the state more than 265 000 people.

Money from the sale of lottery Health goes to the best charities in England. They help people with various diseases, even Alzheimer’s disease. This lottery is very important to help the poor and sick people.

Winning numbers can bring a winner to 100 000 pounds, it’s not much for a state lottery. But for this amount of income out of 25 000 with each win.

This is a good win, if we consider the fact that you buy a lottery ticket for just £ 2.

The operators of the lottery said that the rules of winning should be some changes.

Who is winning the coincidence of three balls fixed – it is 25 pounds. Changes can clean the system.

Lottery spokesman said that now the conditions are not like many people, but it does not prevent others willing to play this game. Prizes still exist, as well as stimulation of people to match.

Now information shows that last year the players have increased by 50%. Except this were more winners, as drops 3 or 4 digits. People usually put on the number of their original date, anniversary or birthday.

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