Lottery game scamming

Scamming in lottery game: people who are guilty on Thursday, it has become known that seven people committed a crime. All of them were from Hanover. They managed scamming – they tried to make a false lottery and all together were captured by the police. According to the information, it has become known about those people and special organization called MOCA got an order to find them in Orange Bay.

FraudsWhen they were found, a search has been organized. They found not only special gadgets, like mobile phones and notebooks, but also a lot of cash $82.000 totally. Also there were found lists of information with personal data of different people.Now all the people are arrested, though they were resisting.The officer of MOCA gave his commentary towards the situation and spoke to the journalists. He added that besides they were owning illegal information, they had special phones and computers, they also lived in a special house, which they rented particularly for these goals.

By the present time all the people are arrested. They were asked all needed questions.The officer spoke to other people also. He asked everybody to be careful with what do they do. He remembered that if someone helps criminals and does it deliberately, he is also trusted as a criminal and will be arrested.Concerning the similar activities and crimes, the police of the city remembered about a crime, which has been committed towards two brothers, who were teenagers. They were killed from the gun for the scamming in lottery games.

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