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Head of the lottery said that a forecast for revenue from gambling is very good. In this fiscal year the state received from the lottery income nearly $ 1 billion. In the next fiscal year, this amount could be much higher.

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The government launches an average of four new items per month. There are other games, such as “Twisted Treasures”, “Mustache Cash” and “Blingo Bingo”.
But the director of the lottery said that profits from the income depend on the number of players, not from the winning amount.

In fact, such a system can be considered illogical. If it is less games, but they will be jackpots, the state makes a profit. But each jackpot has a tax that also goes to the state treasury.

Maryland wants to add another game. The prize will be almost $ 1,000. Is there a specific condition, if you win the jackpot, you will receive each day a thousand dolars.

Height casino identified only by opening the Horseshoe Casino.

Horseshoe makes the main income of the state. Despite the fact that this is a successful institution, there are other points of games where there is a lot more revenue. Horseshoe Casino is the largest in state, in the last year its income was $ 627

In 2010, Control Organization lottery opens another casino in the state. This will be the sixth casino in Maryland.

The former head of the administration of the lottery in New York said that the casino should be very successful. Its important point is its convenient location near the river.

It would be very good for the state. On all sides there are no major casinos, and the south is Virginia. If the authorities of Virginia will not against the opening of casinos, they decide to build their own, six casinos will be successful.

If we assume that all revenues to the treasury, the casinos and the lottery share the leading position for two. Revenues from the casino account for 50%, as well as from the lottery. This is a very profitable business area for the state profits.

In addition to these contributions to the development of the state, the money goes to the races, with taxes and a small business.

In the administration of the lottery has changed. The former director was the governor of the state and replaced it with a partner of one of the law firms. It is possible that such changes will improve the system of lottery and casino.

The new head of the administration of the lottery said that the new administration will bring new success and profit growth in the new financial year.

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