Powerball Lottery – What You Need to Know

One of the most popular lotteries in the United States is the Powerball, which has successfully spread over 47 states. The Powerball Lottery is part of the association, which includes from the other types of gambling. Minimum jackpot which can be won in the Powerball lottery is $ 40 million. In May 2013 was the prize, which is considered the biggest by the history of this game. An elderly lady has won nearly 590 million dollars. The main prize in the Powerball can be divided into several payments; the winner receives a prize of its installments for 30 days. The prize drawing is held on Wednesdays and Fridays, most often in the evening. Game rules are very simple – the player must choose a number and enter them in the cells on the card (lottery ticket). One lottery ticket can be purchased for $ 2. Until 2012, these tickets cost $ 1 per play. Until the final time come lottery ticket sales stops, if a player buys a ticket later, then it goes for the next play. Raffle prizes are in the studio in Tallahassee Florida Lottery. In May 2013, it was recorded the biggest win the jackpot, which had a value of almost 590 million dollars. This lucky one was Gloria C. MacKenzie, who at the time of her winning was over 84 years. She told the press that she had bought her ticket at a supermarket near her home and didn’t expect to win it. She hadn’t even hoped that benefit not only the prize, but the biggest prize of the lottery history. She didn’t share her winnings for a few payments and wanted to take all by a single payment. Gloria paid the federal tax, and her prize was almost $ 370 million.



Each player must remember that his chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 175 million. Can you imagine what percentage of risk expects any player, because the lottery is based on risk? Since August, the lottery is that there were no winners.



Major changes in the amounts of win came in 2012, when the cost of a lottery ticket has doubled. After that jackpots are rare, but they are much larger amount. This system is good for many players and for the Lottery administration.



With the introduction of changes in a lot of players got $ 1 million as a consolation prize. Due to the change of the rules were other players who are lucky and they got $ 2 million?



You do not need to wait each time that you are sure to win. It does not matter in the lottery, your gain of 40 million or $ 400 million. The chances of getting such prizes are equal and it does not depend on its amount.



The probability is very high that a combination of numbers a player in today’s match draws there. This probability makes people think that they will win today, though it is not. Don’t even think that today you could win, it has risks. You should have a good mood and want to play, understanding that your chances to win are very high.

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