PowerBall Jackpot Winners (March 2015)

This lottery ticket with a jackpot of $136 millions was not taken for about six weeks.

Anthony Perosi

Anthony Perosi

March 14, 2015

New York

This year in New York was a new jackpot winner. It was a 56 year-old local resident, Anthony Perosi. He worked as a plumber and often buys lottery tickets. His winnings totaled $ 136 million, which officially were registered in March.

He said that that day he was late for work, but decided to devote a couple of minutes and buy a lottery ticket. He said that did not indicate any specific numbers on the ticket. It was not a birthday or any other important date. He came up with the numbers and wrote them down in random order. Now, his life will change forever, because he has many plans for the winning.

A few days after his victory, Anthony was talking to his friend about the lottery. She told him that her friend bought a ticket in that place, where Anthony bought his ticket. The man won the jackpot too, probably the store was very successful for the players in the Powerball.

Then Perosi decided to check his others tickets. He keeps them at home in the basement near the pipe. He often buys the tickets and puts them there, but not always he has time to check is there victory.

Only 6 weeks after winning Perosi still checked his numbers on the ticket. That morning his car had broke down and he had some free time, while it was in the repair. Then he remembered about his lottery ticket and saw that all his numbers matched. He was a little confused and surprised, he did not know what to do and decided to call to his son.

His son, 27 years old, and he went immediately to his father. They could not believe it for a long time, but the numbers actually coincided with the winning. His son decided to check the winning numbers on his phone and it was amazing.

Perosi decided immediately to pick up the full amount, so as not to divide it into several payments. He wanted to share the winnings with his son, so he wrote a letter to the division of the jackpot. Perosi need to pay the tax and then he can take about 88 million dollars. His son cell amount of 26 million, but he, too, need to pay the tax, and he could take nearly $ 16 million.

His son said that at that time he did not have any definite plans. He just wanted to pay bills, take a vacation and relax a bit.

Elder Perosi said the same thing. He had no plans, and he did not want to give up work. He was glad now that he became financially independent but that there was no reason to change the life.

Perosi does not throw his friends; he does not change his usual life. The only thing he is sorry, that he had forgotten about his lottery ticket for 6 weeks.

The jackpot of 40 million dollars was taken by Rocklin Four.


Rocklin Four

March 25, 2015

New Jersey

These families have a great tradition that has lasted for 10 years. Every Friday night they get together, take their children who have their own families. They get together and eat a pizza, discuss news and issues. Yet they have a tradition of buying lottery tickets. One such was the Friday evening a real treat for them. They won a jackpot of $ 40 million.

Lottery Executive Director, Carole Hedinger, always goes to meeting to talk with the winners. It is necessary for her to learn about their lives, to explain to them their victory and help make the right decision. She says that it is better to know the people, their traditions, habits, and home relations. She had many different winners, but most of them are people who are working and want to help their family. Winning for them opens up new opportunities that will become available.

The Rocklin Four families include four winners from the Bergen County. They are old friends and they will together decide what to do with the prize.

Rocklin Four are: Daniel Blackley Jr., Thomas Reagan, Scott Goldberg and Robert Kerr.

They were asked how this victory will change their lives and their friendship. They said that will change a lot, but they will continue to meet on Friday evening to eat a pizza. They have no plans to move to another city, or something fundamentally changed in their lives. They want to enjoy life, to give more opportunities for their families.

The store where they purchased the winning ticket also received an award. Shopkeeper handed check for 30,000 dollars. Lucky winners will not be able to pick up $ 40 million, because they have to pay tax. Then they will gain almost 27 million. The federal tax rate is 25% and 3% stamp duty is removed. Net winning money will be almost $ 19 million, four families are divided it equally.

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