PowerBall Jackpot Winners (June 2015)

In the suburbs of Phoenix woman quietly announced her victory in the lottery.
Maria Herrera

Maria Herrera

June 3, 2015


Last month, we spend a few draw of jackpot, and this woman has won nearly $ 120 million.

Maria Herrera came to the office of the prizes; she had decided to take her prize in one payment. From the amount of 120 million dollars is deducted tax. A spokesman of the lottery has confirmed that her ticket matched all six numbers.

Happy winner doesn’t want to share the prize in several payments, she decided to take the full amount and pay the required tax.

Administration of the lottery said that the woman was very calm and didn’t want to participate in the press conference. She came to the office with her financial advisor, and refused to give any information about herself or about her plans.

Lottery Act compels her to give information about the city, so the organizers learned that she lives in a suburb of Phoenix.

New law on information lottery players come into force only from July 3, so a woman had the right not to disclose information about herself 90 days after winning.

She bought her ticket at the store in Glendale. Then the owner of the lucky store received an award of 25 000 dollars.

In Arizona, there is the biggest jackpot since 2012. Then there was the even bigger prize, which has won a local man. The amount of the winning amounted to almost 588 million dollars.

In the Florida lottery was a huge jackpot winning, about 80 million dollars.

Orencia Barzey

Orencia Barzey

June 20, 2015


On Saturday, the rally was the next big jackpot. The winner was Orencia Barzey, which is 37 years old. Winner became richer by 80 million dollars, which was the lottery of Florida one of the most significant victories in several years. The prize is 80 million, of which she needs to pay tax. Then Orencia Barzey can pick up nearly $ 50 million.

Orencia Barzey has very big plans for the winnings. This award has become very joyful gift for the family. They want to rebuild their lives and to change it for the better.

That winning ticket was purchased at a local grocery store. The owner of the store received the award, the amount is 40 000 dollars.

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