PowerBall Jackpot Winners (July 2015)

It took time for this winner to take his 70 million dollars.

Tom Rea

Tom Rea

July 4, 2015


Tom Rea is 62 years old; he has long been playing the lottery. For almost 20 years, he does not change his habit of buying lottery tickets and to indicate the same numbers. He joined the dates of birth of his family and enters these numbers in the lottery ticket. He and his wife, Cathy, did not expect that one day; these numbers will bring them to win the jackpot. In July Rea declared winner, his winnings totaled nearly $ 70 million. This family from St. Louis is very happy and can not believe that they are so lucky.

Rea said that he used the same number almost 23, every Wednesday writing them in a lottery ticket.

He said he learned about what it turned out to be a winning ticket. He rode into town and stopped at a gas station to fill the car. Some time passed, and he had to go back and he decided to check his ticket. He lowered his ticket into the machine and waited a couple of seconds, when the machine began to scream terribly. It was the exact signal that Rea won the jackpot.

He said he put the ticket checking, and there he was told that he had won $ 70 million. Of course, he did not believe such an incredible success. He pulled the ticket from a vending machine, wiped it on his sleeve and plunged back. There again was told about the unexpected jackpot. Rea then asked the girl who worked there as the seller, repeat the entire procedure. She confirmed that the ticket is really a winning one.

The owner of the store also confirmed the victory, saying that the ticket actually won the jackpot.

She also could not believe she kept clapping her hands and wept. It was the first time in her working hours when she saw how a person won a big jackpot.

There’s a winner immediately alerted and asked to take advantage of financial and legal advisors. Discuss with them all the questions, then you can go to pick up your prize.

Do you want to know what the most pleasant part of the jackpot wins?

Rea said that the best thing is the opportunity ahead of time to retire.

His wife Cathy is pleased that it is now open to them new opportunities.

Rea asked he would play the lottery in the future. He said he never stopped doing it, and the great victory will not stop it.

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