PowerBall Jackpot Winners (April 2015)

Happy winner had claimed the prize in Powerball about $50 million.

Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan

April 11, 2015


Today, the headquarters of Tennessee adopted a new winner. His prize was almost $ 50 million. Happy player accidentally drove into a small shop of Harriman and decided to buy a lottery ticket. He did not expect to win the Powerball; he thought just to buy a ticket. His joy knew no bounds when his ticket won the jackpot.

Michael Duncan participated in a press conference and told the organizers that he is a regular player of the lottery Powerball. That was a happy day for him; he did not want to play. He accidentally stopped by the store because he was very thirsty. There was a sign of the lottery, and he could not resist and bought a ticket. Michael initially thought those numbers indicate that it is usually used. But something told him to indicate the age of his family age.

On Saturday, March 21, in the Powerball lottery all his 6 digits converged. In the Tennessee lottery there was the 3rd largest winner with such a large jackpot. Last year was recorded the second biggest winner, with a larger sum.

Duncan decided immediately to receive the full amount, not divide it into several payments. His gain of $ 50 million amounted to almost 34 million. This happened because the administration of the lottery has a tax on winnings. That store, where Michael bought a ticket also received their reward. The shop owner was awarded by a check of 25 000 dollars.

The ninth jackpot winner in Florida claimed the prize of 50 million dollars.

Alice Dawson

Alice Dawson

April 11, 2015


Florida Lottery announced yet another winner. It was Alice Dawson, 60 years old, from Alabama. Dawson won a huge jackpot draw on Saturday. Her prize was $ 80 million. Alice Dawson wants to take her winnings by one payment, so it is necessary to pay the tax. Then, her winnings would be almost $ 53 million.

Dawson believes that this gain sent them God for their faith and humility. Their family wants to spend the money on their own needs, and then help friends and give part of the money to their church.

This ticket was purchased in retail sales. It was a souvenir shop near the house of Alice Dawson. Shopkeeper is also entitled to remuneration he received 40 000 dollars.

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