Lottery winner from UK had won £ 2.6m

Matthew Evans, who won almost £ 3 million in Cardiff City, wants to travel.

Postman said that he bought a lottery ticket and put it in his pocket. Lucky ticket was lying there for about 3 days, until Evans learned that he had won the jackpot.

Matthew learned that he was a millionaire, when he came to the newsstand to check his numbers on the lottery ticket.

The owner of happy ticket, which he bought at Barry, from Cardiff City immediately wants to upgrade his car, which served him for 16 years. Now he updated the equipment in the kitchen to his sister. Then he made a party with elite drinks for his friends. But most of all, Matthew wants to travel.

When I called them, they asked if I really want to know the results.

postman lottery winnerMatthew worked as a postman for more than 8 years. He finished his work on Friday night and then decided to go to the store to check his lottery numbers.

He said he bought the lottery ticket on Tuesday. All this time the ticket was lying in his pocket while he worked for three days to 11 hours. He didn’t think about it until Friday, when he finished his work.

Matthew says that he took with him a ticket to check the number and the car began to publish by loud sounds.

The girl-seller said that Matthew has signed a lottery ticket and called to the administration of the lottery.

“I did not know what to think. I thought I won 20,000 pounds.”

When he returned home, he asked his father to check everything again. His father looked at the website of the lottery and there was only one winner, where matched all six numbers.

When Matthew called the lottery, they asked if he was ready to find out the result.

It was incredible for them, and his father did not restrain his cry of joy.

I wanted immediately to upgrade my old Lexus.

Matthew said that the first night he spent with his parents. On Saturday, he agreed to meet with his friends and they celebrated his victory with elite drinks.

They met in a cafe, where Matthew bought his lucky ticket. He decided to buy to all people breakfast at his expense.

The next morning, Matthew came home only at 4 am.

He received the prize only on Wednesday when he paid the required tax.

He still could not believe his luck until he received the prize.

On Sunday, he visited his sister. She lives nearby and asked Matthew to buy her some things for the kitchen. He spent several thousands of pounds.

He still did not buy anything for him, but Matthew did not get upset. He is waiting for a convenient time to upgrade his old Lexus.

He decided to see all the shops and garages to look after something unique.

lexusHe wants to buy a new home, because he does not want his new Ferrari stand in the parking lot pavement.

Now I can travel all over the world!

>He wants to support the Wales team at Euro 2016. He now collects information about whether this is possible.>

Matthew said that he likes to watch sports. Now he is helping his family, then he will buy a new car, traveling, and then he wants to watch his favorite teams in person.

Father of Matthew always wanted to visit the Grand Prix races, Monaco. They plan to make this trip for next year.

Matthew’s mom wants to go to the finals at Wimbledon. Matthew will try to buy the tickets for next season.

Matthew wants to see lions in New Zealand to visit Australia and see other beautiful places on the continent and the world.

I had been saving for a new house during some years.

Matthew said that he lives with his parents and saved money for a long time on his own house.

He wants to stay and to live in that area or move closer to the stadium.

He thinks now to invest in any investment, not to spend it in vain and to make his future income.

It will not be easy for him to change his life, but his friends are convinced that everything will be fine.

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