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This Friday millions of people will have a chance to try how lucky they are, because everyone can take part in the lottery EuroMillions. This time it holds a super game, where they guarantee a huge jackpot of $100.000.000. There will be no other chance soon to win such a big sum of money. To win this huge money the winner will have to have all the numbers – which will be 7 – matched. Only in that case the whole sum will be given to the winner. In other case the jackpot may be lower and given to a person, who will have 6 or 5 numbers matched. Such money may change your life, so think about it!

EuroMillions moneyThere is one more thing, which may bring money on Friday except the lottery. The jackpot of $6.000.000 will be offered in the lotto game the next day. Such a game was also held on Wednesday and the results are already known. But the jackpot was given to nobody because there was no people who matched all the needed numbers. So, now the jackpot goes for the next game and people have one more chance to get it. But there were other winners in that game, who won smaller prices – about $76.000, and they were three winners and they matched six numbers and the prize was divided.

Also a lot of people – 72, more precisely – matched only five numbers and also got prizes of about $2.000 each. And there were prizes for more than 4000 people, who matched less number, but they were awarded with about $200 each. Also it was the prize, which was the smallest and more about 100.000 people got it – it was the sum of $25 each. Another game, Raffle, also found 50 winners, which won the sum of $20.000, which was also a luck.

So, many people are invited to the games of lotto and lottery on Friday and Saturday. As it has been mentioned, the winnings will be $72.000.000 and $6.000.000. But that is not all. The winnings could be made bigger if a person buys multiple ticket. It increases the chances to win and also there will be the chance to win several sums of money. A lot of people are hesitating, which ticket to choose. For these purposes we made special statistics, which shows all the previous combinations and games. It may help you to decide the number to choose. As the example, there is a statistics of a lucky ball, which must be matched if you want to win a jackpot, and the most lucky numbers are 2 and 4.

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