Lottery Results: man won biggest jackpot in NY

In Wurtsboro the former director of the primary school has won the largest jackpot in the history of the state. The man now 80 years old and he is planning to go with his wife to Hawaii. On Monday it was announced that the man was the only winner with such a large sum of winnings.

Old former directorHarold Diamond had worked at school over 39 years. He took the winning ticket and got a sum of $ 326 million. As stated in the terms of this promotion, the winner must pay the tax. Then the winning amount $ 130,676,438.

After Election Day, in November, Diamond with his wife was returning home. The weather was bad and the road was closed. His wife, Carol, insisted on the stop in the cafe, eat and wait until clear the road. So the couple decided to buy a lottery ticket. Now Harold is very grateful to his wife, because she insisted on their stop in this cafe.

In Valero, during the dinner in the shop Subway, Diamond saw flashing terminal with ticket Mega Millions. Then Harold decided to buy one for $ 1.

Diamond said that then he forgot about the ticket. He heard in a news release talking about lotteries and prizes, and then he remembered about his ticket.

“I bought a ticket and put it in my wallet, and then forgot about it,” Harold said. “Later, I went to play golf and my friends at the club were talking about lottery tickets, and that someone has won in Valero some amount. Then I thought about my ticket.”

Once Diamond remembered that also bought a ticket, and immediately went home. He watched the evening lottery issuance and checked his numbers. Just dropped all his numbers, and then Harold realized that he won the jackpot.

“When I saw the last issue, I shouted to my wife that we had won a few dollars,” Diamond said at the awards ceremony.

“We were happy and we were like in a fog, were waiting and did not believe,” he said.

Since 2002, Harold’s victory was the largest in the history of the lottery.

“We’ve never been so happy and we could not be more excited. This pair glowed from happiness, by which makes it more beautiful,” said a spokesman for the New York Gaming Commission.

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