Huge lottery jackpot in NY made new millioners!

MillionairesNew York City saw new millionaires, who won a huge jackpot this week. They are co-workers – a team of 16 people – and always played Mega Millions lottery. This time they were lucky by buying a ticket for only $4.

Carlton cards sold a happy ticket in March of this year. The lucky numbers for that game were 2, 23, 32, 45, 55 and the ticket matched them all. Moreover it had to match one number – the Mega Ball. It also matched it – the number 12.

They were giving an interview and told that at the moment they realized, that they won, they promised each other to behave as a usual. But it was impossible as it really was something happy and extraordinary, so they just could not behave as a usual. They even had no energy to work and do what they had to do at their work.

All these people made a so-called team, which they called ” Lucky 16 trust”. They began playing this lottery for the last five years all the time. Particularly at that time they all were hired to the same company. They told us about their system of choosing the person, who buys the tickets and the place. It was just a random choice each time and each time the place and person were new. They bought a ticket and made copies of it for every member of their group. So, each of them had a ticket and could check it.

So, they all divided their winning separately between each other and also paid a required tax. All in all each of them will get about $1.500.000.

  • Here are their names:
  • Barber W. (Hackensack)
  • Berth K. (Hainesport)
  • Harrison E. (NY, West)
  • Chiong V. (Union)
  • Graboso J. (New Brunswick)
  • Jung M. (Edgewater)
  • Scroxton S. (Jersey)
  • Vazquez L. (Jersey)

They all have different plans about how to spend the money.

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