Want to win lottery? This professions are luckiest

Peter Lavery, who won a million in the National Lottery, and a former bus driver decided to dip back in time and visit the Ulster Folk. Together they were in a Transport Museum, where celebrated some good information. They wanted to find out what are the best and the most successful driving professions.

ProfessionsNow Peter is a successful businessman. In Northern Ireland, he is known as the best winner of the National Lottery. This fame occurred after in 1996 Peter put into his bank account the sum of £ 10,248,233.

It was very interesting to look and to investigate the unique files of the National Lottery. According to their schedule, the drivers take the second place as the most successful people in the lottery. In total there are 193 millionaires, and more than 1,500 prizes worth a total of 750 million pounds. It refers to Peter and to the other taxi and truck drivers. One of these lucky people is Les Scadding from Wales. In 2009, his was very glad to find a winning, which was about 45 million pounds.

However, the most fortunate profession is the building trade. This is a category of people who are connected with the construction works and architecture. Since 1994, this category of the luckiest winners has already about 331 millionaires.

The first five winners of the lottery, depending on their quantity, profession and number of win a million. This chart looks like this:


Profession Quantity of Millionaires Total winnings
1. Builders 331 £1.26 billion
2. Drivers 193 £750 million
3. Administrators 190 £840 million
4. Manufacturers 176 £615 million
5. Retail 146 £500 million


Despite these numbers and the winnings, there were other professions where people enjoyed small prizes:

  • Accountants – 71 millionaires had £176m
  • Teachers – 713 people and 62 millionaires
  • Postal staff/Landlords – 28 millionaires and 308 major winners
  • Chefs – £340m and 668 major winners
  • Farmers – 26 millionaires won £61m
  • Cleaners – 635 major winners and 50 millionaires
  • Pub staff – 392 winners won £125m
  • Management trade – 1,065 major prize winners and 110 millionaires
  • IT-specialists – 83 millionaires and £527m
  • Social workers – 1,049 big winners and 102 millionaires
  • Medical workers (doctors and nurses) – 101 millionaires with more than £500m won in big prizes.
  • Emergency – 288 major winners and 27 millionaires
  • House staff – 860 winners and £306m was paid to millionaires
  • Salesmen – 664 major winners won £488m

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