Crime lottery news from China

Underscoring the scale of the amount, the anti-corruption company of Xi Jinping, has found that this funds were used for building commercial buildings and hotels.

The Chinese government actively fights with the corruption of officials. They believe that from the state lottery was awarded the £ 1,7 billion which is about 16.9bn yuan. Ostensibly, this money went on the public service expenditures.

China’s National Audit Office reported that this was money that had been allocated to go to the construction and purchase of office buildings and hotels.

China Lottery CorruptionA quarter of all funds from the state lottery, which came from 2012 to 2014, covered nearly 18 provinces of China. As reported by the Ministry of finance, 17 of these regions have violated main rules in lottery sales over the Internet.

In addition, the report said, that around 32 shops which sell the lottery tickets, used about 3.1 billion yuan. This money was also intended for the construction of buildings.

Great desire of people to gamble allows the government a large income. The lottery market in China can get this money, as well as losing if somebody will win a huge amount. This year China will overtake the US in the revenue and expenditure in lottery business market.

In Macau, there are many casino and other gambling places now. Experts think, that the lottery system has more profit for the state, and now it’ good been established. Also it gets a little negative effect on citizens who play there.

Lottery tickets in China are sold all over the country in stores that have special permission to sell it. You can buy a ticket anywhere, in the supermarket or at the gas station. The cost of one ticket is from 2 to 200 yuan. In the US and in Europe many winnings may cost several million dollars. In China there is a limit – maximal you can win a 10 billion yuan jackpot. This is the income from which money goes to support sports, construction of buildings and charity for different organizations.


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