Michigan Mega Millions winner won on Friday the 13th

The lucky winner was found in Michigan. Kelsey Zachow was 24 years old; she was a resident of the state. One fine day for her, she has become richer by 66 million dollars. She bought a lottery ticket on Friday the 13th, and did not even think that this ticket would bring her a win in the jackpot. Now Friday the 13th for Kelsey Zachow is the happiest day in spite of the signs and superstitions.

She said that on Friday the 13th has always been good for her number and bring good luck. That evening she went home and thought that it was not a happy date for something special. She decided to buy a lottery ticket and it was the right decision. Now she lives a lot better with her young son and with her boyfriend.

Kelsey Zachow used to purchase tickets 2 times a week for five years. It is suggested and some have already spent about $ 10,000 for these tickets, but will still continue to buy them. When she bought the winning ticket, she not immediately decided to check it out. After 11 days, she learned that her ticket won the top prize and she can get her millions.

She decided to be carefully considered, and had a consultation with a lawyer and financial consultant. She decided not to share the winnings for a few payments and takes the entire amount. She had to pay taxes and then she will receive $ 27 million.

Michigan NatureShe said that playing the lottery for five years and has long had plans to win. Many desires and big plans for the money won to motivate her to do the right costs and investments. She watched a lot of TV programs, to learn how people win the jackpot, incorrectly and quickly spend the money and are bankrupt. Now she has a lawyer, financial advisor, and she paid the required tax.

Of course the first of its expenses is to buy the house of her dreams, and then a new car. Then she wants to go with her family to a foreign country for a vacation. It is not just to spend money, she knows how fast they can finish, and do not want this. The most important thing for her is to not get in trouble, because large amounts of wins have a certain tax too.

In most cases, the amount of tax can be very large, so that you just give almost the entire prize. Many of the winners can get around the tax system if you give money to charity. But this system does not always work.

To avoid all taxes you have to completely give up your prize. If you take the money and then give it to charity, you need to pay tax. Some tax rules for all. You must pay tax if you got the win.

This system works as follows:

When you make a donation to a charity, you can only deduct contributions up to 50% of your contribution – it is added to the basis of adjusted gross income. If you win $ 1 million and have no other income, then the tax may take half of that amount.

Some taxes can be up to 30%, it is for gifts to charities. Other tax system is given to you if you take your money not a single payment, and divide the payment for 5 years. Then every year you have removed a certain amount of tax from that what you will receive.

At the same time each of your expenses is withdrawn tax, because it is very big and serious system.

Tax is a compulsory system for the collection of funds for the state, but the system can cause the bankruptcy of many lottery winners. To do this, people consult with experts and financial advisors to ensure correct payment of taxes.

Must pay tax each winner of the jackpot, but such amounts can quickly leave you without your multi-million dollar fortune.

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