Lottery winners protector!

Think about how winners spend their money. Who looks after them and monitoring their investments. Once the winner takes the prize, they are accompanied by a team of Interest. They help to distribute the winners by their prize, to protect themselves and their loved ones from mistakes. They support the winners and help them to change their lives properly.

Read on as adviser to the winners Andy Carter leads a team of consultants. What can he say about the winners and their spending?

lottery winnerHow you can help the winner not to change themselves?

The first thing you want to do after a victory, it is not in a hurry. It is unnecessary to immediately take serious decisions. It is better to gather your family, friends and mark your victory by a small party.

Winners are often shocked a couple of days after winning. They should seek the support of their family. It is very important that the winners were able to realize their victory.

Many people who win want to right to use the money. They do whatever is necessary to keep the money for future children or grandchildren.

Did the winners pay tax for the each winning sum?

Lottery has no tax on the game. If you get a win, then before its cash you have to pay income tax.

There are certain things that should be taken into account. If your gain is more than 500 000 pounds, it is best to use the big banks. The National Lottery has contacts with all the major banks in the country. You can easily select the appropriate bank in the lottery office or on their website. For cashing amount after tax, you open a special account.

What was the biggest sum you had written out?

In Scotland there were Colin and Christine Weir. It was a big pleasure for me to give them their winning. The amount of the winning was around 161 654 000 £. In 2011 they became the richest lottery winners in Europe.

What you can advise for the winners: it’s better to be anonymous or to go public?

I do not know. This question depends entirely on the people. Some want to be with my family and did not talk to the press. We have certain advisers who can help in this regard.

Often there are cases when the winner wants to remain unknown. We and his family know about his victory and have the right not to disclose his win. But often people like to talk about his victory, for that we have specialists.

How big is your team?

In our group of advisers have 7 members. We are a core team of consultants in the UK. In the year we can be up to 1500 winners, and we often go to their home to check everything is in order. We observe their meetings with lawyers and financial experts. For us it is important to be aware of things, how they spend their money.

What is the most pleasant for you group?

Not all. Most often, the winner of each prize is simple and ordinary luck. They will never forget about that once they have won the lottery. We need to send the winner to the right path; then he decides how to live. It is very interesting for us, when you come to the winner after a while and see how things have changed his life.

What will you do if you will win a lottery?

I never thought about it. But the first thing that I did it rest in a warm country. I would buy a luxury home, set aside money for the future for my children. I also want to buy presents for my family and relatives. I’d really like to see their loved ones who live far away from me.

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