2 lottery winnings were made by man from CA

A lucky man from Huntington Beach became a millionaire in a lottery. An hour earlier he won $25.000 in a Lottery of California and deposited them into a local bank.

Lottery Winning
The story of Oscar Sosa, a retired man, began in April, when he bought a lottery ticket “Ultimate Riches”, which cost only $20. And later, on Friday, he got the check with his winning.

After it he visited a Valley Smoke Shop, where the tickets of another lottery were sold. So, he purchased several tickets of “50X The Cash”, which cost $200. And surprisingly he saw, that he won a huge sum of money one more time – $1.000.000!

Later in his interview to the Lottery of California he confessed that he just wanted to buy some tickets more and that’s it.

Earlier Sosa has been working in a post office. He retired long ago – about 30 years. So, now he will find a good lawyer or financial adviser, who will help him to make a correct decision about how to spend these money.

In his interview he told that he will make a decision only with his advisor.

After selling the ticket, which won, the store, which sold it, gets a special bonus of $5.000. This sum of money is not included into the winning of Sosa.

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