Lottery ticket card won $7.000.000

Lottery TicketA man lives in Pennsylvania state. Lately he won a huge sum of $7.000.000. He managed to do that after his father enclose a ticket to the get-well card.

His name is Joseph. When he gave an interview to the reporters, he told that he has never played lotteries and does not do it now. But his father, who gave him a ticket, played for the whole life and is playing lotteries right now, because he is retired.

Father wanted to send his son a card with which of quick recovery, because Joseph had an operation. Inside of a card he put the ticket.

Joseph is now 46 years old. He told us that when he scratched off the ticket it was a real shock. He could not believe that such thing could happen to him.

To check the result, he immediately made a call to the father. After their talk Joseph made a photo of the ticket and send it to his father. Father called him back and confirmed his winning.

The second person, whom he called, was his wife. After he told her about this huge sum of money, she kept silent for some time, because she could not talk.

The dad of a man bought him this ticket in New York, right where he lives.

Father did not give any information about whether the son will share the money with him. The only words he told us were that he is just very happy about his son and does not want anything. He only wishes everything the best for him and that is all.

Also he was asked about other cards, which he sends to his son. He said that every holiday he sends a card. He told the interviewers that he add a lottery ticket to every card of such kind, because he is a retired person and this is a kind of his hobby in spare time. Who knows, maybe someday may win something, though people usually do not believe that they may win.

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    Really lucky man. I wish I’ll be the same…

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    Great post!

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