Scam lottery news from New York

A lottery happened in New York, where several adults were cheated. A man from Rochester asked three people to send him money. He told them that in such a way they have to claim their prizes. The total sum was about $138.000.

RobberIn reality there were no any winnings at all. But man’s actions are real and not legal. His name is Roydel. As the federal executive told us, he was already charged for fraud, both wire and mail, and also he is guilty for laundering of money. The man lives at Van Ayker Street and has already disappeared from the apartment there.

Mr Nicholson was 62 years old. He committed his crime in the end of 2011 and till the year 2012. The victims were two man, who were elderly people from California, and a woman of the same age from Detroit. By now the crime has been unsealed with the help of the court of U.S. District.

The crime was made upon the next plan: Roydel called his victims one day. He congratulated them and told that they have one huge some in some lottery. Then he told people that in order to get the prize sooner they need to send him their money to Rochester and called a particular sum. He explained that it is required to pay different taxes after the winning and some other fees.

As the life shows, there are many of such fake calls or emails, which people get all over the country. The Federal Commission always warns people not to react these requests, because they can be cheated. Especially elderly people fall under the schemes of burglars. Though people are warned, they still often believe these letters and do what they are told to do.

There was no special explanation in the complaint about how these people were first contacted with. It was only said that the man called them several times.

One of the man from California, who was 74 years old, regularly played lottery games. Earlier he has been in such situations and been cheated in the games. But this time he also was asked to send $8.000 and did it. The same did a woman of 77 and sent the man three payments, which were totally $2.000. The other man was 94. He was so happy about the winning and wanted to get it so much that 17 times sent money to the burglar. Totally he sent him about $128.000. But later in 2014 he was called again and asked to send more money. But this time he didn’t like it and wanted to get the money back. But this permission was rejected.

As it is known, Roydel came from Jamaica and sent most of the money there. Some part of it he left for himself. He lived a lot of time in America. But as it is known according to the statistics, there are a lot of such cases, connected with the immigrants.

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