♥ Love is like wining the lottery ♥

heartEveryone dreams of winning the lottery someday. Sometimes the dreamer thinks it will solve all the problems with money, sometimes he dreams about reaching the goal after the receiving the prize. For many people love is like a winning the lottery. Today to find a soul-mate is as difficult as win a jackpot in the lottery, so they are right in a way.

But it sometimes happen and a person gains the lucky ticket. So did Adrian Bayford. He has hit a jackpot in the lottery but what about love? As it was reported, the happy winner of Euro Millions soon split from wife and started new relations with a girl 16 years younger than his wife.

  • Adrian Bayford, the winner, is dating with Samantha Burbidge who is nearly 26
  • The couple is happy on the most expensive resort on Maldives
  • Bayford split from wife who is also 41 in November after his winning the lottery
  • It was one of the biggest jackpot hits in the history of British lottery

winner of the lottery

So the happy winner has split from wife of his age and is happy with a woman of 27, working a horse groomer, as the news report.

Bayford is in relations with 26 year old Samantha Burbidge working the horse groomer. At the moment she works  at a stable, located in Thurlow. It is very close to the Haverhill in Suffolk, the place where 43-year-old Bayford lives. So now she will probably leave her work and move to his huge apartment. All these event were taking place nearly three weeks and it was really whirlwind relationships. Does it sound amazing? Of course, it does!

It was also reported that  the couple is now staying for a holiday at a £500-a-night hotel  in the Maldives. Samantha Burbidge even decided to share their happiness and post a picture on Facebook, showing her standing on the beach and enjoying the sun. As one of the friends said, the couple behaves like teens, kissing and holding hands all the time.

When Bayford left the wife in November, the couple made an announcement that their marriage had broken. It happened more than in a year after winning the lottery. According to Bayford, the reason of everything was stress, caused by winning the huge amount of money. As he said, it was stress that ruined the marriage, lasting nine years.

Last month they report  Bayford is now in “warm relationship” with Marta Jarosz, polish-born 30-year-old lady. She lives close to  Bayford’s house in Haverhill, Suffolk.  Marta Jarosz works in the nightclub like a bouncer and she ls supposed to meet  Bayford when he was spending time there.

winner with girlfriend

After the divorce Bayford told the journalists that he and his wife are happy now because the life goes on and  people must move on too sometimes. According to his words, winning the lottery is a stressful experience and sometimes such things happen in life. They both denied that someone else was mixed in their split.  Mrs. Bayford canceled the rumors about her “friendly relationships” with their 40-year-old bodybuilding groundsman called  Chris Tovey. This man worked for the Bayfords until he claimed on  Mr Bayford. According to his words he was hit by a golf buggy. The machine was driven by  Bayford himself. So the man was sure he would take an action against the couple.

Later in December the news said  Mrs. Bayford had relationship with Warnock, a car dealer. He was the person having sold her some of her cars. They first met in early October a year ago during the family trip to Gillian’s parents in Scotland.  Warnock sold them  five outstanding vehicles.

Mrs. Bayford, being a nurse  in Cambridge, is now supposed to settle with  Warnock in her home town.

In spite of sounding unbelievable, winning the lottery is sometimes easier than find the love. It is, according to the statistics, more realistic.

heartSome people do prefer winning the lottery to love. A new study, created for  this query, had the goal to discover people’s real wishes and desires.

More than 418 people participated the survey. They ware of age between 18 and 60. the questions in the survey were like “ What would you do if you win the lottery?”, “What would you sacrifice for winning the lottery?”. According to results, people mostly wanted to gain money than to find love and be loved.

According to the survey the statistic is:

Near 58% are sure that it is better to hit the jackpot than to became a famous person (3%) or to love and be loved (38%). Looking at the received data, it is really seem to be easier fo win money than to find love.

4% of people could abandon  their partner for winning the prize of $ 10,000, while 9% of them would do the same for $ 100 million., or bigger amount. It’s good that the majority of people (78%) answered that they would not refuse their loved ones for any amount of money. Hank God, the romance is not absolutely dead in our world.

The vast majority of people (71%) answered that it’s impossible to buy happiness, but 29% consider that money can help to become happy.

The given survey had lots of standard questions but there were also not usual ones – for instance, “What sports team would you like to buy?” or “Guess which band would you like to invite on the birthday party?”. It is clear that for the latter two examples huge win in the lottery is needed.

Another result shows that 63% of people  would not refuse his in-law for money despite the dislike of their relatives. 14% answered that they could do it for about $ 10,000 but buy something as a gift as a sign of  apology their ex.

The answers on the question “What will you do if you win a lottery” are:

  • Would like to lie naked, cowered with money (2%)
  • I’d give money to the homeless or sick children (12%)
  • Left my work(25%)
  • Invested them(60%)
  • What would you do in case of finding a winning ticket on the street by chance?
  • Left and tried it(65%)
  • Find the person to whom it belongs(33%)
  • Would rip it as soon as possible(2%)

So how do you think after reading the article, what is harder  – to hit a jackpot or find love of all your life?heart

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