Lotto nz $6.5 Million Powerball Winners

What would you do if you won the Powerball? Not many people get to play lotto nz and wake up to realize that they are millionaires overnight. Sometimes people buy tickets and keep them safe without hope that this could be their big break. This is the story of the couple that won the $6.5 million Powerball in Gisborne in March 2017.


How They Found Out


The man heard that the winning ticket had been sold at Grant Bros. Once he heard this, he had a lucky feeling the playing lotto nz had paid off. He, therefore, went to check the winning numbers first before he could check the ticket. The minute he saw the winning number, he realized that he could actually be the winner. The numbers seemed significant to his family. But he still had to confirm that his ticket actually had the numbers. He went back to his car and retrieved his ticket from the glove compartment. He could not believe his eyes when he realized that he was $6.5 million richer.


He called his wife outside and broke the news. She thought he was joking until she realized that he was not. Then it dawned on her that they were the winners and she could not help but cry tears of joy.


Claiming The Prize


The couple had the town wondering who the winners were for a long time. After they found out they were the winners, the man kept the ticket in a folder that had all their bills. He figured that this would be a safe place to keep it. The lotto nz ticket was less likely to be stolen in such a place.


The couple knew that many people play lotto nz online but do not always end up winners. It was, therefore, important to them to find out what they wanted to do with the money first before claiming the win. Afterwards, they claimed their prize money but insisted on staying anonymous.


How It Has Changed Their Lives


The couple had not yet had an opportunity to spend their money as they are not flashy people. Their winnings from lotto nz will be used to help their family members first. They admit that family comes first to them. Many of their relatives may also play lotto nz online, but they have not won anything. Ti is, therefore, their desire to step in and help their kin who need the help.

They would also like to help people who are in need within the community. They believe that helping others will also bring satisfaction to them.


When you play lotto nz online from anywhere in the world, you get in a draw and might win a little or a lot of money. Whatever the case, you have to participate to have a chance of winning. Your story could be like that of the Gisborne couple who went about their lives as usual only to realize that they had become instant millionaires.


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