Lottery winner from NJ did not get his prize

MIDDLESEX, NJ – When a lottery winner becomes a loser, winning $ 10,000? This happens when the funds used to buy the winner a winning ticket of $ 10,000, considered stolen. This is what Mr. Rukhadze, 23-year-old local resident, knew after he tried to take his jive prize of $ 10,000 on a lottery, after he used a $ 20 win with a stolen ticket – to purchase a winning one.

Lottery ticketJune 5, after midnight, the police officer Sean Flanagan was called to the Acme Market on 125 Bound Brook Road, to establish the fact of theft of lottery tickets in New Jersey. Specialist of The Thefts Department told the police that the store clerk suspected the client, removing some lottery tickets from the vending machine customer service. Viewing the video from CCTV camera inside the store, a specialist of The Thefts Department noticed that May 30, the client had stolen five lottery tickets twice.

Officer contacted with Middlesex Borough Police Department in time, when Mr. Rukhadze was trying to get his unsuccessful prize of $ 10,000. The investigation of Sean Flanagan ended and concluded. Rukhadze, claims that he bought (not stole) one of the lottery ticket and he get the prize – $ 20. But then David spent this money to purchase other additional lottery tickets. Among them was that one with a prize of $ 10,000. According to the police, David Rukhadze was charged with the shoplifting and fraud. And it was not the end of all his troubles: those allegedly winnings $ 10,000 with a lottery ticket were confiscated and returned to the state’s District of Lottery.

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