Lottery winner does not want to claim the prize

Some time ago, or better to say enough time ago, a stranger won $3.000.000, became a millionaire but we still does not know who is he and why did not he got his money yet. The ticket was bought in Stirling. Now there has been left a few time to claim the prize.

Refuse moneyThe organizers of the lottery were worrying about the winner and asked all the people of Stirling to check their tickets again, because somebody may not noticed the winning numbers. But it did not give the result and nobody still calls or comes to the lottery office. The game, where this person won, was held in December. At that time the winner got all the numbers matched, including the Bonus Ball.

The numbers of a winning ticket were 2, 19, 24, 33, 35, 46 and also 12. The rules of the lottery are so that he may claim prizes only during the half of a year and not later. But if this time passes and no one claimed it – the money will go to different organizations, which the lottery funds.

The organizers are worried about the situation and ask all people help them or try to find that person. Maybe the ticket was lost or something else. They said that maybe somebody really lost the ticket and does not know about it. It may be somewhere in the clothes or something like this. He joked that they all are worried so much that they even prepared champagne for the winner, who may come every minute.

The similar situation was several years ago when a person won about $60.000.000 and forgot to claim the prize when the time left. And now the situation repeats. Or maybe the winner will come finally.

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