Lottery ticket from Spain won in the EuroMillions

Spain millionerThe owner of ticket purchased in Spain won an incredible jackpot of 34 276 743 euros in the EuroMillions game last night. There was matched all seven numbers in this lottery ticket. These numbers were presented to the public on Tuesday, June 16. Key numbers: 14, 29, 30, 40, and 46, additional numbers 03 and 06. Although the jackpot went to the Spaniard, there were also consolation prizes amounting over €1.6 million, and approximately 2.93 million euros was divided between lottery participants from the UK.

In six tickets, exactly half of which were purchased in the UK, matched all five numbers and one from lucky stars. These participants won the second tier prize in the amount of 137 945 euros each. And three of tickets, which was bought by UK players, won 91 963 euros each. They matched just five basic numbers. 36 lucky winners with tickets that matched four basic numbers and two lucky stars, took out 3831 euros. All other holders of the winning tickets were grateful for small favors. The Millionaire Maker code was ZWD 487773. The winner, who bought the ticket, got 1 million euros. The next EuroMillions game will take place on Friday. And the jackpot will be even bigger. Everyone will have a chance to win €10 million.

However, before the game on Friday will be another night Lotto on Wednesday. This evening the lottery could be very successful for people who want to become millionaires, because raffle drum will decide one main winner who will receive 1 million, and 50 participants, who will win 20000 euros. There is also add jackpot in the lottery, which will make happy owner of the ticket on approximately €2.1 million. Each purchased ticket has two chances for a further coincidence of seven numbers.

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