Powerball and MegaMillions can offer a big jackpot

People from Pennsylvania play lottery every Friday and Saturday at night and every of them want to get its huge jackpot – the lottery can offer a lot of winning, which totally is counted of $269.000.000.

Money-PrizeThe last Friday players also took part in a lottery and were offered jackpots of $159.000.000 and $95.900.000 in cash.

The same lottery, which took place on Saturday, offered jackpots of $110.000.000 and $70.500.000.

The executive director of the lottery has been interviewed and said in his speech that it has been long time since the lottery offered such big sums of jackpots to the players. The ticket costs $3 and for this money every player has chances to become the richest person in the city and get the biggest winning it ever have been.

Among the tickets, which have been sold by Powerball, there were sold 17 winning tickets. By the way, the game began in 2002. And also there was sold one ticket of Mega-Million, which got the winning. This game has been held since 2010.

These tickets are sold for Friday till 10 p.m. during the current day and also for Saturday till the same time.

It is very important for those, who organize the lottery that all the players are honest and responsible for their play. Some people want to buy tickets and play together with their company or relatives, and the lottery has such an option on its site, where they can find special forms.

Some main rules of the play Mega Millions: each ticket you can buy for $1. This is for one play only. You may buy as many tickets as many games you would like to play. The next step is to choose five number among 1 till 75. Also you need to choose, which number will be the Mega Ball – a number from 1 to 15. The number can be chose on your own, just on the ticket, or you can choose numbers, which computer generates. Also you can win not a jackpot, but also a winning, by selecting Megaplier number.

The tickets of Mega Millions can be found in 44 states around the United States. They are sold till 10 p.m. at the days when the lottery takes place.

jackpotThe main rules of Powerball lottery: One game cost $2. For this money a player can choose balls. There are several sets of balls, consisting of 59 and 35 balls. From the first set people choose 5 balls and from the second – one, a Powerball. Players can choose balls on their own or use the help of computer. If all the five balls match – the player wins. And if also the read ball matches together with the rest of the balls – he win a jackpot. But except this players have a chance to win smaller prizes – there several more games for it.

In every game players have a chance to make their prices bigger. The prizes, won in the jackpot and simple game are not combined with each other. There is a limit of $2.000.000 both games are won. If only one – so the prize is $1.000.000.

The Powerball lottery is sold in 44 states all over the United States. The tickets are sold till 10 p.m. at the days of the game.

Pennsylvania Lottery: This lottery has one special trait – it make a lot of benefits for people, who played it earlier. It is the only lottery of the sort. The beginning of the game took place in 1971. At that time the lottery paid about $24.700.000 to different programs, concerning rebate of taxes and rent, drug programs – low prescriptions, various living services of long term, senior service of part time and full time too, and some other programs.

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