Lotteries have already jackpot in $ 294 million

The state Lottery games such as Mega Millions and Powerball offered on Tuesday and on Wednesday, in Middleton, Pennsylvania enticing jackpots of $ 295 million for their draws.

On Tuesday night, Mega Millions jackpot came up to the appraised annuity value of $ 173 million, or about $ 106 million in cash, in draw on Friday. On Saturday evening, Powerball jackpot approached annuity value of $ 121 million, or $ 75 million cash.

One of the Powerball lottery ticket worth $ 1 million, had been sold in Lancaster on May 16, it was almost winning. The winning ticket – it is correctly selected five white balls, with such numbers 24-29-38-48-52, not the red one with number 32. To earn the $ 1 million prize, must be less than 25 % federal withholding. The seller of this ticket will receive a bonus $ 5,000.

jackpotThe prize must be approved before identifying the winner. In Pennsylvania, since the winning date, the winners have a whole year for this procedure.

The Lottery recommends to the holders of the winning tickets to sign their names on the back of the ticket, and then they have to call to the Lottery and leave a request. For this there are seven regional offices of the Lottery or people can apply to the Middletown Lottery headquarters.

Requests are submitted to the regional offices from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, and to the headquarters from 8 am to 4 pm.

About 25,000 other Powerball tickets were sold in the county, including even one winner, who received $ 10,000. Players should always check each ticket.

Pennsylvania Lottery has allocated more than $ 65 900 000 for prizes to winners throughout Lancaster County, and has nearly $ 36 million to programs providing older residents in the 2014 year.

Rules of the Powerball Lottery: player pays $ 2, and selects five white balls from the first 59 numbers, and then he takes one red ball in the Powerball, from a second set, where there is 35 numbers. Using a Powerball playslip system player can choose his own numbers, or use the shortcut menu on the PC version. Winning jackpot, the player have to match five white numbers on the ticket and plus that red Powerball. There are also 8 another ways to win a cash prize, but not jackpot.


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