Lottario Draw Winning Numbers Revealed

To those who risked their $1 and bought a ticket, the Lottario results are out. This draw carries the most splendid results as there are winners on every number match or division. This is a game that requires no critical thinking, no calculations or solving of sums, it entails selecting numbers randomly. The winner, who matched accurately 6 numbers, got rewarded with over $3 million. Is there any other business in the world where you can invest $1 and get $3 million in return? Find out the winning numbers.

From Five Matches and Above


These number matches are known to carry the most lucrative amounts. Very few people normally match these numbers. Although people say that you need to be a Lottario veteran to match 5 numbers and above, some people hook these numbers within their first ten trials. The highest match was 6 numbers, and the winner was rewarded $3,280,725.40. The second match was 5 numbers plus the bonus number. The bonus number is the one that people are randomly given when they purchase a ticket. This winner was rewarded $10,000.00. The third winner matched five numbers only and was rewarded $500. Although the names of the winners have not yet been released to the public, plans are underway to hand over the cheque to the winners.


From Three Matches to Four Matches


The lottario winning numbers of this category look simple and few, but they are as hard to get just like the higher numbers. The people who matched four numbers and a bonus were 620 in number and they were all rewarded $30 each. Those who matched four numbers but without a bonus were 10,229 in number and they were awarded $10 each. The ones who matched three numbers and a bonus were 13,731, and they got awarded $5 each. The ones who matched 3 numbers but without a bonus were 160,273 and they were awarded $4 each. Looking at this category of winners, the winnings look so small, but then if compared to the $1 investment; these earnings don’t look so bad at all.  

Those who matched the bonus only were totaling to 446,271. They were given a free ticket to play in the next draw. Although this looks like an unsatisfactory prize, it is just like a bonus given otherwise the gamblers in this category are not supposed to receive anything. The people who normally buy tickets early are called the “early birds” and they were 545. These people earned $95 each, a good amount considering that it was given to the first 545 people regardless of whether they matched Lottario winning numbers or not

The bottom line is that when you play well, you cannot miss a prize in the lottario results. You need to use some strategies that the experts and longtime players of this game have tried. Even though it is a game of chances, preparation is highly needed. Walk to your nearby retailer and buy your ticket, the next draw is on progress.



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