Lotería de Navidad is coming !

christmas lotteryThe time is approaching for one of the greatest lotteries – Lotería de Navidad!

The Spanish government holds a lottery every year on December 22. Like many other types of lottery, the odds of winning are not very big. But every year, a lot of players playing and hopes to win and take home a large sum of money. This lottery called El Gordo, which means “large”. Lottery, which falls on the end of December, came to be called Lotería de Navidad. It’s kind of Christmas lottery which pleases before the holidays, not only the lucky winners, but also all the players. Like any other form of gambling, the lottery is aimed primarily at the excitement and interest.

Do not miss your chance to buy a lottery ticket. Ticket sales have already begun, and everyone can try to win the grand prize.

The history of Lotería de Navidad.

The history of the lottery started since 1763, by the rules of the Spanish King. The Treasury of the Kingdom at the time was empty and the king needed a way to replenish the treasury. So it was introduced a lottery, the proceeds of which replenish the coffers of the country. Almost 100 years of the lottery has not been recognized very popular, but in 1985, it momentum gained again. Already in 1812 it was decided to hold this lottery at the end of December, and this tradition has survived to this day. Every year on December 22, the country is proud to offer its residents a mega lottery, which offers a lot of players. This lottery is a real holiday with his rite. Selected students from the Higher School announce the winning lottery numbers, dressed in special clothes for the occasion. Each year a live audience, which mostly consists of players looking forward to the announcement of the results of this lottery? This grand event for Spain is broadcast on all television channels on the air, and some tens of thousands of people watching the results. Many viewers did not buy a ticket, while others bought and hope for Christmas miracle and victory.

Rules of the game.

We start with the terminology:

  • Billete – one worth 200 Euros. The ticket has a cell for five-digit number.
  • Serie – each of the above ticket has a unique serial number.
  • Décimo – costs 20 Euros. This is one tenth from the total single ticket.

According to last year’s data is the maximum prize in the lottery can be up to 2 billion Euros. This prize is considered the largest in the overall global lottery fund.

So, one ticket in this lottery has a five-digit number. Numbers can be completely different from 00000-99999. This type of lottery is very popular, probably because of the big prizes and a relatively low chance of winning. Tickets are usually had been sold after their launch on the market. But there are exceptions, where tickets can be bought for special promotions or unique offerings. Each ticket is unique and therefore has its own serial number. For example, the ticket 10 is printed 12345 times in different sequences, numbers and each number occurs 160 times. Himself final prize draw is performed using two spheres of drums. One area of ​​the drum is large, and the other less. The drum is a large field of 10000 balls on each of them has a five-digit number from 0 to 99999. The small scope exists for the lottery balls with bonus rate, which is always specified in the euro:

  •     one     ball is for the first prize.   
  •     one     is for the second.
  •     one     is for the third.
  •     two     balls are for the fourth prizes.
  •     eight     balls are for the fifth.
  •     1,794     balls are for the small prizes.

Raffle prizes generally take 3 hours. The more balls in the drum, the greater the chances of players to win a long-awaited prize. If the ball less then it becomes a little chance to win.

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