Latest Powerball Winner got $425 million

Raymond Buxton has a great sense of humor and he lives very positively. He said that they were waiting for this victory nearly two months, and finally became the winners. His grand jackpot of almost 426 million dollars was won on April 1st. It was not a joke, although he did not believe it at once. When he won the jackpot he was wearing T-shirt with the picture of Master Yoda from “Star Wars.” On the T-shirt was a sign that the luck of the Jedi is always with him. Buxton decided to share some happy stories when he was in office in California.

Lottery winnerCommon retired from Northern California thank for the victory of his stomach. In that good day he bought his lunch and decided to buy a lottery ticket. He won this great prize, but then he decided to buy another ticket. Perhaps Buxton was hoping to win another prize, but the second ticket was not a winning. The winner could not believe his luck, but he was glad for such a huge victory.

Buxton shared his first impressions after the victory. He said he could not believe that he can win a large sum of money. Several times he checked his winnings on the computer, did not believe, and checked again. Once he was convinced that he became a millionaire, Buxton could not sleep for several nights.

He could not sleep for a long time, and he spoke with difficulty. Buxton asked what he feels, what he wants to say about his victory. He replied that he had never thought about the big prize, he just played and now it is difficult to understand that a small piece of paper can change his life.

Buxton did not take his prize in the early days. He carefully studied the manual lottery winners. He wants to make the right decision, and therefore reading useful books and instructions. It was written that we should take one week to think about their financial plans, it is necessary for the proper expenditure of money. Buxton said that he receives only $ 242 million; the remaining amount of his winnings goes to pay taxes.

When he was a week of waiting is over, Buxton took the prize. He decided to spend the money on travel. In addition, he wants to deal with the improvement of the city and the lives of people. He plans to enjoy a nice charitable fund to help people and the city.


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