Latest Mega Millions Winner

The veteran of the Korean War had won in the Maryland Lottery.

In September this year at the headquarters of the lottery in Maryland came a man who was the lucky winner in the lottery. Raffle prize Mega Millions numbers was at 18 of September and the lucky man had won $ 1 million. The man now is a retired US Army, and in the past he has participated in the Korean War.


During the draw on September 18 were another two winners who also won the prize, because they matched all the numbers on the ticket. One man had had a prize in California, and another lucky won in New Jersey. During 2015 in Maryland this’d the second case of a victory the $ 1 million.


Lucky winner with a prize of 1 million bought that lottery ticket when he went to the supermarket. The man is 73, he likes to go shopping. That day he decided to withdraw some cash from an ATM and there he bought a ticket. As the winner tells, he doesn’t often play the lottery, so this victory was his godsend.


When he decided to buy tickets, he thought that the 5 lottery tickets would be very welcome. That evening he had a lot to do, and he couldn’t immediately check the tickets, so it did one of his sons. When they saw that won a prize, they decided to hide the ticket until the whole family will be together at home.


Veteran-winner said that his sons were happy with this order more than he. He told the press that more than 20 years he served in the US Army, and now he’ll be able to make donations to many charities and non-profit organizations.


This winner had a very rich and full life. Government service, there he spent more than 20 years. Then, he wrote several books on the history and culture of the city Baltimore. We already know the name of a non-profit organization, which veteran donates the money of his prize. It is an organization called the Diggs-Johnson Museum in Granite, which is located in Maryland. Of course he wants to share his money with his family, because he has four sons, daughter in law and 11 grandchildren. The man says that has already become a great-grandfather four times, so his grandchildren will also receive part of the prize.
Winning the lottery was celebrated in the same supermarket, where he bought the winning ticket. By law, the lottery, the supermarket gets a $ 2,500 reward.

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