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OzLotto[*] is among the numerous Australian Lottery games and associated products present all through the country. Some of them are in-State Australian Lotteries while others are the OzLotto.

Australian Lotto and Powerball Australia are nationwide games. The history of Australian Lottery games goes back to 1895 when a firm named Tattersalls started its initial operations of a Hobart, Tasmania Australia Lottery.

Today, Australian lottery games consist of lotto companies that are privately owned and State owned. The Territory or State they are based in licenses each of them.

Details of History of Oz Lotto

The Oz Lotto was the first national Australian Lottery game that was started in 1994, on 26 February. From then, it has presented the most famous and widely played Lotto game in Australia, since its initial draw.

Oz Lotto was the sole national Australian Lotto game present, until May 1996 when Powerball Australia was introduced. Oz lotto is a customary jackpot kind draw lotto game that is drawn each Tuesday evening at around 8.25pm AEDT.

At first, the Oz Lotto was a 6-45 game; however, after the introduction of the 7th number in 2005 on October 18th, this lotto game experienced a bit of re-branding in some States.

It was then referred to as Super 7’s Lotto in Tasmania, Victoria, Northern Territories as well as Australia Capital Territory. In other States it remained as Oz Lotto.

OZ Lotto

How Oz Lotto Operates

A game matrix of 7/45 is utilized by Oz Lotto, which signifies that 7 numbers are drawn, from 1-45. So, as you play, you shall require choosing your individual 7 numbers from the 1-45 range of numbers.

After the 7 key numbers are drawn, 2 additional numbers are drawn after this. These are the Supplementary Numbers that are used to establish the lucky winners on 2,4 and 7 prize levels. If you match each of the key Oz Lotto winning figures correctly, you shall win the jackpot prize!

The jackpot for Oz Lotto begins at AUS$ 2 million. A rollover will be applied if a draw does not have a winner. Each roll rises in size until it is won, leading to very huge jackpots.

Six more methods are present that you can use to win, apart from the jackpot. This signifies thousands of prizes are available for winning on Oz Lotto, each Tuesday evening.

A facility for Quick Pick and SlikPik is accessible when playing lottery games in Australia. This is the same as Easy Pick or Lucky Dip options utilized with Euro Millions, UK Lottery and majority of USA Lottery games.

So, you can request the retailer or computer to automatically choose your Australian lotto numbers on your behalf, by utilizing their lotto number picker.

It is therefore very simple to play Oz Lotto; all you need to do is select your individual 7 numbers or allow the retailer or computer to choose them for you using the random number generator. It only costs AU$1.20 per line to play OzLotto.

Who is Eligible to Play Oz Lotto?

Previously, as with majority of lottery games all over the globe, it would have been necessary for you to actually reside in the state itself; Australia, in this case. This is so as to manage to take part in any of its games.

Fortunately, today, with the useful availability of genuine and authorized online lottery ticket agents like Oz Lotteries and Lottosend, you can play majority of the world lotto games comfortably from your home from nearly any area in the globe, without the need to go to a High St. retailer.

This is applicable to Powerball Australia and OzLotto as well as other available Australia Lottery games. You can select your numbers for Oz Lotto online and purchase your tickets from wherever you reside.

This is wonderful news if you reside outside Australia and desire to play Australian Lotto games!

* Website contains all info you need about Oz-lotto.

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