Lottery ticket has caused insult!

InsultA woman from New York bought a lottery ticket. She had to took part in the Wheel of Fortune, as the lottery was called. But that purchase didn’t bring her happy emotions, because as it was later found out, this ticket disclosed an insult. Such information was given by the office of Sheriff.

She did everything as usual and scratched-off the ticked and completed several games.

At this game a player must complete three games. Each of the category must be scratched off and filled in.

She did everything as she had to do, found out, what has been written there and filled in the letters. The phrase was “You Elmira Trash”.

She thought that the ticked was not real and decided to get it to the office of the Sheriff.

After some time the deputies tried to find as much information as possible and got to the conclusion that it was really sold in the area of Elmira and there is no such a ticket everywhere else.

The information was given to the representatives of the lottery and they had to do what they think should be the best decision in such situation.

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