A winning ticket was sold in Pennsylvania

On Friday in May, 15 it was sold a ticket, which won a huge jackpot of $800.000. It was sold in one of the drug stores of Westmoreland Country, Belle Vernon. It was the only winning ticket at that play.

Drug StoreAll five balls on the ticket were right. They were the next – 22, 29, 30, 34, 42. So, the ticket won $800.000 including the federal taxes, which are needed to be paid also.

The shop, who sold this ticket, will get a good bonus, which is given in such cases – $5.000.

After the winning took place, the winner must validate and claim the prize. For it he or she has the whole one year, till he will be identified.

Many people do not know what to do after winning the prize. The first step is to sign your personal ticket, because anybody can claim it. Then you should call to the office of the lottery, which number is 717-702-8146. Then you can claim your prize. There are several offices around the city, where you can get it. Or if you wish it is possible to do it at the headquarters in Dauphin Country in Middletown.

The time when you can get the prize is from 8-30 in the morning till the 4-30 in the evening in case if you want to visit any of the offices. If you go to headquarters, you must come during the time from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

During the game there appeared also a lot of people – 64.000 – who won prizes of different amounts. But every player should carefully check the ticket all the time. The procedure of claiming the prize is a bit different – they can get the money in shops, where they bought tickets.

All in all in the season of 2013-2014 year winners got more than $83.700.000 prizes. As the lottery of Pennsylvania serves its old players, it contributed them more than $38.000.000.

The rules of Cash 5 play: A player just pay one dollar for a play. Then he must choose five different numbers between 1 to 43. The numbers may be selected by the payers or by computer. Those will win a jackpot, who will have all these 5 number matched. But if a player matched more than one number, he will also win a prize, but smaller than jackpot. This game is held every night in the week. You can buy many tickets in advance, but not more than seven a week. It is a very small chance to win the jackpot, because there are more and more players, taking part in this game. But practically all the players have a chance to win smaller prizes.

Lottery of Pennsylvania contributed more than $24.000.000 to different public programs concerning taxes, medicines and other services and helped a lot.

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