In California a record lottery ticket was sold

In this fiscal year in California noticed a huge increase in sales of lottery tickets. By the end of June, this amount exceeded 5.5 billion tickets, which is the largest sum in the history of the state lottery.

moneyAgency for Statistics reports data such that an amount of tickets sold for 10% more than last year. Then the number of tickets sold was 5.03 billion.

Lottery is actively gaining momentum; it depends on a huge number of players willing to buy more and more tickets.

Bobby Lee, manager of one of the points of sale of lottery tickets said that sales of scratch card much more successful than the usual lottery tickets.

Lee thinks that such an influx of scratch cards linked to the changed conditions in the lottery. It says that the jackpot can be almost $ 5 million.

Lee began selling scratch cards in 2013, and he observes that such lottery cards are becoming more popular every year.

One of the points of sales man bought a scratch card for $ 20 and won a jackpot of $ 2 million.

Wine shop near California also sells lottery tickets and has a bright advertising sign. This financial year has been successful for this selling point. Every week there are sold more than 400 winning tickets. Each of the prizes is not less than $ 4,000.

The store manager can not explain the success, but he, too, decided to buy a few lottery scratch cards. His first win was $ 500, and then 500 more in the next week, and then he won $ 5,000.

moneyHe said that several years ago, they went to a casual passer-by, who decided on delivery buy a lottery ticket. And the man was very surprised when I found a prize of 10 000 dollars.

Not far from the Russian restaurant, is another happy shop. The owner of the store does not know why its selling point is very happy. Maybe he just got lucky.

In the next fiscal year, a large percentage of the winning tickets will replenish the coffers of California and the money will be spent on maintenance of schools. These conditions are described in the legislation; this year amounted to nearly $ 1.3 billion. Next year will be a big jump in sales, respectively, the sum will be greater.

Administration of the State Lottery expects a profit of 6 billion dollars in the next fiscal year. This means that out of this amount, the school will have to finance nearly $ 1.4 billion.

Khandoker Susana is the mistress of the shop on Fourth Street. She says that over the past two weeks has sold a lot of lottery scratch cards. One of these turned out to be a winning ticket, the person has received almost $ 25 000.

She says its good business. People come to buy different things and accidentally buy lottery tickets. But in her store has regular players, who daily buy lottery tickets.

Ed Chris often buy lottery tickets, he said that his winnings did not exceed $ 100.

He bought another lottery ticket, but with other rules.

Chris hopes that this will be the winning ticket for him.

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